Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Vetiver - "Red Lantern Girls"

To Find Me Gone, the second album by Andy Cabic's ever-evolving band Vetiver, released two years after the debut self-titled release. Andy has since toured the world, usually as a member of Devendra Banhart's band, and sometimes even with Vetiver. In those two years, Vetiver has expanded into a full-on singer-songwriter band/project, aided and abetted by some of the best players (and usually his best friends) in the extended family of which Cabic finds himself a member. Though predominantly acoustic folk, To Find Me Gone is a hidge podge of many different styles and ideas, creating a brilliantly interesting listen. The album comes out on May 22nd and I can see this one landing a high spot on many end of the year lists.

[MP3]: Vetiver :: Red Lantern Girls
This is easily my favorite track from the album. I must admit, it's only now and then that I can sit down and really get into an album this folky and acoustic, but it's songs like this on To Find Me Gone that really hold my attention and kepp me listening. The song has two very distinct parts. The first half being a soft struming with lighty sung vocals in sort of the same vein as Circulatory System. The second half, which I suppose isn't exactly the second half as much as it is just the ending, takes the song in a completely different direction when a Godspeed You! Black Emperor-esque screaming distorted guitar comes in and tears up the rest of the song eventually dragging it off into oblivion.

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