Thursday, May 11, 2006

Black Bear - "I Believe In Immediacy"

Black Bear is a one man outfit from Seattle creates bubbly electronic indie music which isn't dissimilar to Nick Common mixed up with a little bit of a Casiotone for the Painfully Alone feel and then a cherry on top. The more I listen I also get a little bit of an Ugly Casanova album Isaac Brock feel out of it, which is comforting, especially on this bummer of a rainy day. With it's catchy beat you're sure to be singing along to this song in no time. Black Bear's debut LP The Cinnamon Phase will be out soon on Baskerville Hill Records.

[MP3]: Black Bear :: I Believe in Immediacy
This song is driven with a subtle march of drum machine and keyboard, and thats pretty much it, but the melody is catchy enough to stick with you right away. I'm finding this simple track to be very hard to stop listening to on a day as glum as this one.

an extremely uplifting track from The Polyphonic Spree over at You Ain't No Picasso for those of you enjoying a nice day as opposed to my crappy one.

The new albums from The Pipettes and The Walkmen have very very good chances of ending up very high on my end of the year list. Speaking of lists, I've been getting my mid-year list all ready to show to the world. Look for that sooner than later.
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