Wednesday, May 10, 2006

New Pipettes Single! "Pull Shapes"

It's been quite The Pipettes-fest here at Skatterbrain lately, but for good reason! The girl's are finally releasing an album and I couldn't be more ridiculously excited. Lots of people out there right now drooling over the new Sufjan, I'm drooling over this new single from The Pipettes' debut full length We Are The Pipettes! This song, even moreso than any others they've released so far, proves that they're much more than cute. But they're still really cute.

[MP3]: The Pipettes :: Pull Shapes (Highest Rec!!!)
This song is two minute and twenty-six seconds of pure joy! The harmonies and back and forth call and response vocals are so ridiculously catchy it's ridiculously. And strings! they used strings and it couldn't be more joyfully effective. "Follow my lead on the 1-2-3!" :) :) :) I have nothing more to say.

The Pipettes on MySpace!

Oh and if you'd like to see Rose in a frame, I believe you can do that right here.
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