Thursday, April 06, 2006

Kickers - "Way to Go"

Kickers are essentially drummer Anne Gauthier and vocalist/guitar player Victoria Morrison who met in Montreal back in 1997. The played together a bit back then but didn't cross paths again until they met back up again in late 2004 after Anne's previous band broke up, and then Kickers was born.

Then in April of 2005, the girls recorded an untitled 5 song EP that they passed along to a few friends, including Alden Penner, who had been toying with the idea of starting a record label since before the demise of his band, The Unicorns. This label would turn out to be called Take This Hammer and would end up releasing Kickers' self-titled 5 song EP in February of this year. Here is the first track from that EP.

[MP3]: Kickers :: Way to Go
My initial take on this track is that it sounds sort of like a more raw Pretty Girls Make Graves. A lone winding guitar and kick leads the way as Victoria sings "the only way to go is down from here." The song has that dark indie rock feel to it, that we've seen in the past with bands like Rainer Maria and yes, the aformentioned PGMG. Im a sucker for dark guitar tones and female vocals, what can I say?

Buy Kickers from Take This Hammer for $5
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