Monday, December 28, 2009

Skatterbrain's Top Songs of 2009: Vol. 2

The next 22!

As promised, here's Volume Two! Same drill again, lots of different stuff going on, but I assure you, not one of them should be missed! Hope you enjoy it!

Skatterbrain's Top Songs of 2009: Vol. 2


01. Grass Widow "To Where"
02. Brilliant Colors "Highly Evolved"
03. Summer Cats "Hey You"
04. The Cave Weddings "When The Lights Go Out"
05. Veronica Falls "Found Love In A Graveyard"
06. Vivian Girls "Can't Get Over You"
07. Weed Hounds "Embrace (More Or Less)"
08. Brown Recluse "Contour And Context"
09. The Clientele "Tonight"
10. Rose Melberg "Things That We Do"
11. The Pastels/Tenniscoats "Song For A Friend"
12. P.S. Eliot "Tonight"
13. The Mantles "Don't Lie"
14. Afternoon Naps "The Fall Companion"
15. Devon Williams " Sufferer"
16. The Depreciation Guild "Dream About Me"
17. The Fauns "The Sun Is Cruising"
18. Pants Yell! "Rue De La Paix"
19. Best Coast "Make You Mine"
20. The Blanche Hudson Weekend "Crying Shame"
21. A Sunny Day In Glasgow "Passionate Introverts"
22. The Raveonettes "Boys Who Rape (Should be Destroyed)"

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Skatterbrain's Top Songs of 2009: Vol. 1

The first 22!

Some people might have some different things to say about 2009 music-wise, but for me, it was a pretty good year – for both singles and albums. Though I hardly blogged as much I wanted to, I was still listening, a lot! I tried and tried to put together an actual 'best of 2009' list, but I just couldn't decide, so that's why, like last year, I've decided to make a mix of my favorite songs of the year, in no particular order, spread across two volumes, 44 songs total. There shouldn't be a ton of surprises here, but there is a quite wide range of sounds here, from the slow and soft to the quick and noisy. I hope you enjoy the mixes and here's looking forward to a great 2010! Here's Volume One, Volume Two will be here later!

Skatterbrain's Top Songs of 2009: Vol. 1
DOWNLOAD IT! *NEW LINK* (as of 1/13/10)


01. The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart "Stay Alive"
02. Burning Hearts "A Peasant's Dream"
03. The Cavalcade "Meet You In The Rain"
04. Two If By Sea "Pale As White"
05. Very Truly Yours "1 2 3 4"
06. Liechtenstein "Wallpaper Stripes"
07. Knight School "Oprah (Open Your Ears)"
08. Andy's Airport Of Love "Duquesne Incline"
09. Seeland "Turnaround"
10. Maribel "Deflowers"
11. Crystal Stilts "Love Is A Wave"
12. The Specific Heats "Violent?"
13. Dreamdate "8 Sleeves"
14. The Kick Inside "It's Always The Quiet Ones"
15. The Sea Lions "Beautiful Day"
16. The Understudies "Flicknives"
17. Cats On Fire "Letters From A Voyage To Sweden"
18. God Help The Girl "Stills"
19. Boy Genius "Blame Love"
20. Nun Party "Architect Of My Heart"
21. Yo La Tengo "All Your Secrets"
22. The Metric Mile "In Praise Of Ski Jumpers"

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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Look Blue Go Purple: "Circumspect Penelope"

A love I didn't know I had for Look Blue Go Purple has recently arisen. I'm in love!

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Tuesday, December 08, 2009

A monthly mix: December!

It's finally here! Sorry about the delay, but better late than never, right? I went back and forth trying to decide whether to make the December mix a Christmas mix or just another monthly mix. In the end I decided to just make it non-holiday-themed. I've got a partial Christmas mix put together though, so perhaps I may finish that up and post it a little later. Not a ton of surprises on this one I suppose, but a lot of good, chilly songs. As far as new-ish stuff, The Fauns track is from their debut LP that came out earlier this year. It's really great dream pop through and through and I'd really recommend checking it out if you dig this song. There's also a brand new Weed Hounds song that I've been playing over and over lately. I see a really great record in their future... fingers crossed! The Mix closes with a seriously fuzzy Ecstasy Of Saint Theresa jam that I'd advise you listen to super loud!


01. Unrest "Isabel (12" version)"
02. Pia Fraus "Outskirts Of Me"
03. Lush "Kiss Chase"
04. Evening Lights "In A Day"
05. Mars Accelerator "Plastic Afterglow"
06. Stereolab "Ping Pong"
07. Tears Run Rings "Run Run Run"
08. A Sunny Day In Glasgow "Passionate Introverts"
09. Hydroplane "New Monotonic FM"
10. The Rileys "Dreamsway"
11. Je Suis Animal "Secret Place"
12. The Fauns "The Sun Is Cruising"
13. Weed Hounds "Hard Drivin'"
14. Ecstasy Of Saint Theresa "Honeyrain"


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Wednesday, December 02, 2009

New Bart & Friends: "A Summer's Dream"

I still tend to go a little crazy for anything and everything Cat's Miaow related, so imagine my excitement when I got a message from Bart (Cat's Miaow, Hydroplane, Pencil Tin, Shapiros, etc) just the other day mentioning two brand new songs he'd recently finished recording?! Not that anyone was questioning it, but he's still very much got it! "A Summer's Dream" sounds like some beautiful mix of Hydroplane and The Go-Betweens and I'm in love with it.

[MP3]: Bart & Friends :: A Summer's Dream

Another new track, "Make You Blush", is available here.

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Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Study Of The Lifeless


Despite sporting what has got to be THE worst cover art in the history of everything, Study Of The Lifeless' Self-titled 1999 debut features some seriously good songs. As a point of reference, prepare to expect sprawling dreaminess ala Just For A Day-era Slowdive.

[MP3]: Study Of The Lifeless :: Nothing Every Stays The Same

P.S. December mix coming soon!

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