Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Hey! I mentioned I would be getting busiert lately, with less time to devote to the blog and that's exactly what's been happening. It's been about a week, so I've got a bit of housekeeping to do. First up, there's a few new Cloudberry releases to get excited about – well, at least that I'm excited about... though you should be, too. I'm speaking of Cloudberry 79 and 80, of course, both available March 1st. 79 is a single from The Vermont Sugar House, featuring ex-Desert Wolves David and Martin. One of the b-sides on the single, "Braveheart," comes from a 7" the band released on Firestation in 1999 and is an impecable slice of pop. In short, that song alone is worth buying th whole single. 80 comes from The Flowerbeds, who are totally new to me. The preview track on the Cloudberry site, "You Mean To Me," is completely fantastic – I never would have guessed these guys were from Chicago though, that caught me off guard. Not that there's anything wrong with Chicago... I just have never associated the city with pop music. Secondly, The Pains of Being Pure At Heart and Parallelograms split is finally available to order from Atomic Beat Records! Even if you don't like splits – and how could you? – this is still going to be a awesome awesome awesome piece of vinyl. So go order yours!! oh and plus there's a lovingly cheesy blurb in the insert by yours truly! So thats neat! Thirdly – and lastly for now because I've gotta get back to screenprinting – I got Slumberland's Searching For The Now One and Two in the mail on Monday and I've been playing the crap out of them. I do prefer number two a bit more than one, but that's probably just because I love everything Archie Moore does... and Bye! is no exception. Also, I was never a big fan of The Happy Couple, but their side of the split has been getting just as many spins as Bye!'s... so it would seem I'm now in love! If you have yet to, you should definitely go order One and Two before they're gone!!

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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Black Umbrella are awesome!

I came across Black Umbrella the other day on none other than the consistently rewarding MySpace. Say what you will, but there is some treasure to be found there, for sure. Treasure like... Black Umbrella – a band that is "deconstructing 60's mod/psychedelia, 70's glam/post punk, 80's new wave/synth pop & 90's britpop/shoegaze to bring the grey world a kaleidoscopic future pop pastiche that revels in the love of lost eras/outsider movements and is great for bedroom dancing." One listen to any of their songs, and you'll believe that self-description to be the truest of trues. I can't quite put my finger on a favorite, but as I type this, that dreamy, very 80s synth line from "Secret Kiss" has been running through my head, so I guess we'll go with that as a favorite for now. There isn't one songs of theirs I wouldn't recommend though, and I couldn't urge you enough to go over to their MySpace and download the rest of the songs they've got up (5 more to download!).

[MP3]: Black Umbrella :: Secret Kiss (Hiiiighly Recommended!)
[MP3]: Black Umbrella :: The Fool You Can't Escape (Highly Recommended!)

Also, if you happen to be in NY, they'll be playing at Mohawk Place tomorrow, so you should definitely totally go for sure. I also noticed they've got Cloudberry in their top friends on MySpace, so perhaps something is in the works? I hope so!


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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Flatmates in a Payless Ad

Monday, February 18, 2008

I'm Lost Inside A Flippin' Vortex

It feels like just yesterday that I first put Pocketbooks' Cross the Line 7" on the record player and went to indiepop heaven, but they've already got a brand new EP out in March! The Waking Up EP will be out March 17th on Make Do And Mend Records and features – to my knowledge – the only pop song to ever employ the words "flippin'" and "vortex" in the same line. Don't know if it trumps "Cross the Line," but "Don't Stop" is quite the catchy little song, and I love the harmonies in the chorus. Again, the new record is out March 17th, but they're already sending out advance copies and you can go order yours at Make Do And Mend!!!

[MP3]: Pocketbooks :: Don't Stop (Very Very Rec'd!!)

Pocketbooks on MySpace!

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Friday, February 15, 2008

New Song from The Garlands!

For those of you already deeply smitten with The Garlands, you'll be just as excited as I was to know they've got a new song on their MySpace today! For those not as familiar, prepare to fall in love. The Garlands are Christin Wolderth and Roger Gunnarsson; yes, the same Roger from Free Loan Investments, Nixon, and The Happy Birthdays. So, yeah, The Garlands come from a long bloodline of P!O!P perfection, and so it's only fitting that they happen to be amazing. The new song, "Why Did I Trust You?" will be on forthcoming EP that will be co-released by Cosy Recordings and Cloudberry Records, so hopefully we'll be seeing a new download on Roque's site sometime soooon! For now, though, I'd highly recommend heading over to The Garlands' MySpace and listening to this over and over again!

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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Merry Valentines Day, Kids

But remember...

[MP3]: Comet Gain :: Don't Fall In Love If You Want To Die In Peace

so keep me safe from harm, i'll promise to do my best
so stop me unraveling, a start destined for death
conquered deceit, made its peace with me
but not security, impurity.
so keep this special song, learn to play for me
keep my stubborn heart safe from villiany
stab at your sky through Bob Dylan's eyes
just another baby blue that will break you.
save you mistake you, believe in you and deceit you
electrify and upset you, get drunk with you and secure you.
my shoes are not made for walking
my eyes are not made for crying
my voice is not made for singing
my heart is not made for racing
fell out of bed when he said "i don't wanna fall in love"
but it's too late for some of us
don't fall in love if you wan't to die in peace.

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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

It's Rag Time

Ragnhild Hogstad Jordahl aka Soda Fountain Rag

Norway's greatest POP export, Soda Fountain Rag, will finally "officially" be releasing her It's Rag Time LP on YesBoyIcecream this coming April. As one would assume, it's great stuff, and though "Driving In Your Car" happens to be infinitely impossible to best, the super catchy "Don't Kill The Clowns", off of the new record, comes very very close. Another song – "Yesterday" – which according to SFR's MySpace, is supposed to be on It's Rag Time, is actually nowhere to be found on the "official" tracklisting. But, it's brilliantly catchy and should not be missed, by anyone!

[MP3]: Soda Fountain Rag :: Don't Kill The Clowns (Hiiighly Rec'd!!)
[MP3]: Soda Fountain Rag :: Yesterday (Saaamesies!!)

Though It's Rag Time is techinically out in April, there are copies avaiable right now over at YesBoyIcecream, so go go go! Also, SFR is looking for shows in the UK around the end of March, so if you think that perhaps you could help out, please get in touch via email at questions[AT]yesboyicecream[DOT]com.

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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Toutes les nuits

I could watch – no – I HAVE watched this over and over and over again, and I still just do not know how one song can be so brilliant? The solo at 1:30 is heavenly, to say the least.


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Dont Go To Florida, Dear, Without Me

One Happy Island!

I love One Happy Island a lot. A lot, a lot – and I would've finally gotten to see them back on the first of the month if it weren't for nature's most awful of slaps to face – FREEZING RAIN. A slip, a slide, a curb, and one broken axle later... we were most definitely not making it to New York. Looks like I'll be waiting until Popfest.

Thinking back about it, I realized I'd not ever mentioned how great their songs make me feel. So, I will tell you... they make me feel really happy; which is great, yknow, because they are supposedly One HAPPY Island. Their recently released Pulaski Park EP on the always wonderful WeePOP! label is 110% great. It's great in the sense that I listen to it often, quite often, and it's still better than good; especially "Florida, Dear", who's awesomeness knows no bounds. Really, it knows none, it's a joy. Listen!

[MP3]: One Happy Island :: Florida, Dear (Yesssssssssss!!!)

Buy Pulaski Park from WeePOP!
One Happy Island on MySpace!

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The Lodger: "The Conversation"

The Looooooooooooodger

Hello! HELLO! I apologize for the lack of consistant posting around these parts as of late, but this semester has turned out to be far busier than anyone could have ever imagined. Six hours of painting a week anyone? Yes, well, I plan to do my best to keep up with the indiepop Joneses over here, but do remember to send out search parties if I disappear for more than a week. Aaaaaaaahhhhhh, onward.

So, it seems The Lodger never stop writing, writing, writing, and recording, recording, recording... After releasing one of my favorite records of last year, they're already putting out another LP in May – May 19th to be exact. The new record, Life Is Sweet, will easily be just as great – if not possibly better than – last year's Grown-Ups if this new song is any kind of indicator. "The Conversation" is just another slice of perfect jangling guitar pop, and yet again, The Lodger somehow manage to make it sound like a time-worn classic.

[MP3]: The Lodger :: The Conversation (GET IT, YEAH!)

Slumberland will be bearing the Lodger's second full-length child here in the States, and Bad Sneakers Records will have the rest of the world covered. May 19th!!!

The Lodger on MySpace

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Thursday, February 07, 2008

Searching For The Now #1 and #2 out soon!

Slumberland's new split 7" series Searching For The Now is almost underway! Singles #1 and #2 will be out on February 18th, but you can preorder them now and get the pair for just $7 PPD in the US!!! Mikey stacks em deep and sells em cheap!

The first 7" is all Glasgow – featuring Roy Moller and The Company (featuring B&S boy Stevie Jackson) and the very very excellent Hermit Crabs. The second single features the Maryland indiepop stylings of Archie Moore's new project Bye!, with the ever elegant Happy Couple on the flipside. Make very very sure you don't miss these!!

More info HERE.

Have a nice day folks!

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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

New Besties 7"!

Super Awesome Fantastic cover art

The Besties have a new 7" out soon on Hugpatch Records! I can't vouch for the songs yet, but if they're half as good as the art is, than I'll be very happy. Following the release, they plan to embark on a big huge coast to coast tour to see all you fine folks. Get excited!

The Besties on MySpace

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