Monday, March 28, 2011

A monthly mix: March 2011!

I'm back! Mostly! Since I have been away lots of things have happened. The largest and most important of those things being that I have (very, very recently) moved to Philadelphia!!! After 24+ solid, fantastic years in Maryland, I decided to pack up and move a bit north with two wonderful friends. Now that I'm feeling a bit settled in my new locale I decided it was about time I get back to Skatterbrain and make a March mix before I miss my chance like I did last month. So here it is — composed mostly of songs that I've been listening to on my walks to work in the morning. I get to walk to work now. Yay! Enjoy the mix!


01. Brown Recluse // Impressions Of A City Morning
02. Slumber // Snoop Jane (Demo)
03. Brave Irene // No Fun
04. Comet Gain // Another Girl
05. The Aislers Set // Falling Buildings
06. The Bartlebees // You Are Still Beautiful
07. Street Chant // Less Chat, More Sewing
08. Ringo Deathstarr // Two Girls
09. Juniper // Think And Die Thinking
10. Sweet Bulbs // Acid And TV
11. Las Robertas // Ojos Con Dientes
12. Javelins // My Best Friend
13. Air Miami // Special Angel
14. The Twerps // Someone's Changed
15. Beat Happening // Teenage Caveman
16. Creepoid // Dream Out

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Saturday, March 19, 2011

New Liechtenstein song! "Meantime"

From Liechtenstein's new 'Meantime' CDR released March 5th on Drill Building! Go get it!

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