Thursday, July 26, 2007

Where has this band been all my life??

I watched this video at random this morning and I think it's safe to say I'm a huge Mika Miko fan now. I can't believe I just now heard them for the first time. Watch the video right now, it's delicious.

They're actually touring right now, I'll be seeing them twice, I think, in a couple weeks. I suggest you do the very exact same thing. Here's the datessss: (All dates are August 2007)

02 -- Pomona, CA @ Glasshouse -- w/ Gravy Train!!!!
03 -- Los Angeles, CA @ The Echo -- w/ Gravy Train!!!!
05 -- San Francisco, CA @ Bottom of the Hill
06 -- Sacramento, CA @ KFJC -- live performance on air 3pm
06 -- Sacramento, CA @ Fool Foundation -- w/ TWIN, Mikaela's Fiend
07 -- Eureka, CA @ Accident Gallery
08 -- Olympia, WA @ Manium -- w/ Old Haunts, Scream Club
09 -- Missoula, MT @ Totalfest! - The Badlander
10 -- Seattle, WA @ The Atlas Cafe
11 -- Portland, OR @ Satyricon -- w/ Jonny X and the Groadies, New Bloods
12 -- Oakland, CA @ 21 Grand -- w/ TWIN, Sexy Prison, Mikaela's Fiend, xbxrx
13 -- San Luis Obispo, CA @ Buchon House
17 -- New York, NY @ TBA
18 -- Philadelphia, PA @ Danger Danger House
19 -- Baltimore, MD @ Floristree Space
20 -- Washington, DC @ Velvet Lounge

21 -- Pittsburgh, PA @ Garfield Artworks
22 -- Chicago, IL @ Reckless Records -- early all ages show
22 -- Chicago, IL @ Empty Bottle 21+
24 -- Toronto, ON @ Sneaky Dee's
25 -- Ottawa, ON @ TBA
26 -- Montreal, PQ @ Lambi
28 -- North Adams, MA @ Robot Mansion
29 -- Providence, RI @ as220
30 -- Boston, MA @ Mass Art
31 -- Brooklyn, NY @ Death By Audio

They've got some stuff out on PPM Records and Kill Rock Stars
Mika Miko on MySpace

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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Wednesday Puffin Caboodle


Hello Hello, this post is like those other posts, you know the ones. However, this time we've got a different day, a different animal, and yes, a different synonym for compilation! Oh, and this one's only four songs, cause I'm pretty tired and I only felt like picking four. Enjoy your hump day, and may these song make it a bit better!

[MP3]: Razorcuts :: Mary Day
from the Sorry To Embarrass You EP [The Subway Organisation, 1986]

[MP3]: Tyvek :: Mary Ellen Claims
from the Mary Ellen Claims 7" [X!, 2006]

[MP3]: Biff Bang Pow! :: If I Die
from The Girl Who Runs The Beat Hotel LP [Creation, 1987]

[MP3]: The Field Mice :: Annoint
from the John Peel Session [April 23, 1990]

k bye! p.s. "Annoint" is probably one of my favorite Field Mice songs ever and this Peel session version is the only recordeding of it, I believe. I hope you like it as much as I do!

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Monday, July 23, 2007

The Most Serene Republic: "Sherry And Her Butterfly Net"


I can't really explain the excitement that washed over me today as I read news of the new album from one of my very, very favorite bands, The Most Serene Republic. Their tour EP, Phages, was one of my favorite releases of 2006, but I was still dying for a new album -- and now we finally have it! The new record, Population, will be out October 2nd on Arts & Crafts, and if I read correctly, they'll also be pressing it on VINYL!

Now, I wasn't this excited over just a release date and cover art, it's the new song (!) that's got me all excited, because, well, it's completely awesome! LISTEN, RIGHT NOW! NOW!

[MP3]: The Most Serene Republic :: Sherry And Her Butterfly Net (VERY REC'D!)
Opening with what sounds like an entire ochestral pit tuning up, the various strings and horns (why did i think I heard horns?) eventually cut off sharply by a heavily reverbed call, allowing just enough silence before the piano comes in, signaling the real beginning. Soon comes the rest of the band, with Adrian and Emma tossing vocal duties back and forth, while the music is literally rushing beneath them. The best part of the song is this amazing intensity it builds up. It's moving so fast that by the time it hits a break, it feels like it's just gonna snap when it starts back up. But, it doesnt; it just goes faster.

The Most Serene Republic on MySpace

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Friday, July 20, 2007

Coyote Friday Mixture

Yet another lovely Animal/Day of the Week mix!

Hello friends! This is just like the last one of these I did, with a different picture, on a different day. Like before, here are six! songs that I really love, but are otherwise completely unrelated. Also, like before, some are old, some are new, some are green, and some are blue! Hooray for Friday and music! Muah!

[MP3]: Holiday Flyer :: I'm Here, You're Gone
from the comp Going Against Maz's Advice [Four Letter Words, 1995]

[MP3]: Brian :: Big Green Eyes
from the Understand LP [Setanta, 1992]

[MP3]: My Favorite :: Let's Stay Alive
from the Love At Absolute Zero LP [Double Agent, 1999]

[MP3]: The Shapiros :: Cut (14 Iced Bears cover)
from The Shapiros LP [Library, 2001]

[MP3]: Celestial :: Pale Blue Eyes
(ft. Malin Dahlberg of We Are Soldiers We Have Guns)
from the Dream On LP [Skipping Stones, 2007]

[MP3]: Rocketship :: Your New Boyfriend
from the comp Why Popstars Can't Dance [Slumberland, 1994]

Enjoy your Friday! And! Enjoy these songs!

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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Boat Club: "Spanish Castles"

Caught The Breeze cover art.

Back in March, when I first heard the debut "Warmer Climes" single from Gothenburg's Boat Club, I noted: "Boat Club's got tons of potential and I can't wait to hear more from them." Well, I've finally heard more from them, in the form of their brand new EP Caught The Breeze. It includes both tracks from the "Warmer Climes" single as well as four (really good) new tracks. I wasn't totally sure which main direction the band were headed in, but from the looks of the majority of Caught The Breeze it seems they're mostly building upon that jangly electro-calypso pop sound we heard on "Warmer Climes," and adding a bit more grandeur -- all but one song here reach past the five-minute mark.

[MP3]: Boat Club :: Spanish Castles (VERY HIGHLY REC'D!!)
The closing track on the EP, "Spanish Castles," is the new standout for me, exemplifying the grandeur perfectly. Clocking in at 6:10, the track is consitantly building from the beginning; keyboards and synths rising and falling, weaving in and out of each other all along the way, jangly guitar ringing out over the ocean of keys only to be promptly shot down by the snap of computer generated snare. It's all quite beautiful, and by the time the dreamy vocals singing "You've got everything that I want" come in as the song begins it's descent, I'm already in love.

Caught The Breeze came out July 11th on small Swedish label, Luxury. You should buy it there if you like what you hear! And, if you're interested in the "Warmer Climes" 7", you can still pick that up from the lovely I Wish I Was Unpopular.

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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Immaculate Machine Caption Contest Winners!

The time is here! Brooke finally got around to picking his favorites this weekend, and although there were tons of great entries, there could only be three winners. Congratulations to:

Bob Loblaw with...
"Next week on Arrested Development: Kathryn makes a "jarring" discovery..."

Rick B. with...
"I reject your reality & substitute my own..."

M. Caul with...
"And you thought it was hard to play keyboard wearing mittens!"

Thanks to everyone that entered and congrats again to the winners! To the winners: I have already emailed you with the details. Happy Wednesday everyone!

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Yellow Fever

Yellow Fever

Since the once unstoppable Voxtrot have now fallen into a bit of a boring slump, the fate of pop music in Austin, Texas, in my opinion, now rests on the shoulders of the very excellent Yellow Fever.

I've read a few reviews of that band noting their sound as being mostly unclassifiable, which, to me, doesn't quite make sense. Sure, they've got a pretty unique sound, but I don't believe it's too much to assume that their influences may lie somewhere in the 60s mod/garage/girl-group sound that bands like The Aislers Set hold so dear to their hearts. But while I do believe that Yellow Fever's roots rest in fairly well-worn soil, their songs are hardly carbon-copies. I'd say it's pretty hard to deny that the strength of the band lies in the wonderful vocal harmonies of Jennifer Moore and Isabel Martin (especially on the terribly deep and emotive "iMac"), but the simple, catchy melodies of songs like "Ratcatcher" and "Psychedelic" are really what make the band so easy to love. Check out some songs:

[MP3]: Yellow Fever :: Psychadelic (Highly Recommended!)
[MP3]: Yellow Fever :: iMac (Also Recommended!)

Their appears to no longer be a way to buy their self-titled EP, but never fear, because Hugpatch Records has just released their second EP titled Cats and Rats which so to be amazing! You can order Cats and Rats from Yellow Fever's MySpace now, but it's net yet up on Hugpatch's site.

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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

WeePOP! Records and Roadside Poppies

WeePOP!'s handcrafted indiepop goodness!

We love cute little indiepop labels here at Skatterbrain, and the brand new WeePOP! Records is everything we like about them! They're cute, they're little, and I love them! Each of their releases are limited-run, and handrafted with loooooooove. There's a big focus on packaging and each 3" CD is packaged in a mini jewel-case inside a little brown paper bag, with a sticker on the front indicative of the release. Oh! and each released comes with a little handmade certificate of authenticity, too! They're just so fun to hold and look at, and I'm sure a lot of you can really appreciate something so cute and tangible. Anyway, there first release is the debut EP from a wonderful band called Roadside Poppies and you really must check it out!

[MP3]: Roadside Poppies :: Cycling and Crying (Recommendeddd)
Roadside Poppies are from Cambridge, UK and play what they like to call, "slapdash jangy pop." They cover the typical twee fare here, vocalist Matloob singing about riding bikes, love, crying, and of course, murderous neighbours. The EP's title track is my current favorite at the moment, but they're all quite good. Definitely recommended for fans of The Pocketbooks, The Math and Physics Club, and perhaps SKWBN, as well.

Order the Cycling and Crying EP from WeePOP!
Listen to the EP on, too!
Roadside Poppies on MySpace!

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Wednesday, July 11, 2007


I've been getting really into old baroque pop and ye-ye stuff lately and yesterday I stumbled upon the amazingly great Clothilde. Information on her turned out to be harder to find than a needle in a hay stack. The only thing I managed to find, over and over again was this small blurb: "Clothilde used to say that she was more into painting than music. A protege of renowned producer Germinal Tenas (an alias for Christian Fechner). Germinal worked with punk Antoine et les Problemes, Christine Delroche and he later formed his own band, Chorus Reverendus. He enjoyed mixing traditional pop sounds with weird instruments like the French Horn. The result was a strange and splendid baroque pop, not dissimilar to Shadow Morton's productions for The Shangri-Las." I was basically sold on that description alone, but once I heard the songs it was over, I was in love. It turns out that she only released two EPs her entire career -- a grand total of eight songs -- which is really quite a shame because every song of her's that I've heard so far is an absolute gem. Listen to my personal fav, "Saperlipopette."

[MP3]: Chlothide :: Saperlipopette (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!)
The production on this track really pulled out all the stops. There's horns, tinkering, almost circus-like keyboards, bells, organ, and just about every other instrument available. The great thing is though, that it doesn't sound over done, or over produced, and it's even still somehow got a bit of a lo-fi feel to it. To top it off, like most singers of this particular genre and era, Clothilde's voice is fantastic. I could listen to her sing anything at all.

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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Le Futur Pompiste: "Seeds"

I came upon Le Futur Pompiste sometime this past winter and have been casually listening to them on and off since then, but today their song "Seeds" came up by chance on shuffle on the good ole iPod and it's just so good I figured I must post it. The band, five guys and one gal from Finland, play a sort of 60s/bossa/lounge influenced pop that fans of Broadcast and Stereolab would pretty much rejoice in.

[MP3]: Le Futur Pompiste :: Seeds (Very Highly Suggested)
Whenever I listen to this song I just can't help but want to go outside, lay down and just watch the clouds move through the sky -- the sunny sky, of course. Half of the reason this band succeeds so well in the music they make is Jessika Rapo's totally authentic smokey-sounding vocals, plus her vocal melodies aint too shabby either. The subtle keyboards in the verses juxtapose really nicely with the pulsing keys they eventually turn into for each chorus, exemplifying exactly what a true chorus is supposed to do: lift the song up.

"Seeds" comes from their 2004 album Your Stories And Your Thoughts, released by Siesta Records. If you'd like to, you can buy it from Siesta's shoppe, right here.
Le Futur Pompiste on MySpace

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Tuesday Wombat Mix

A baby wombat.

Hello everyone, I'd really like to do posts like this everyday because my favorite thing to do is just post random songs, but I may not be able to do it everyday and probably wont, so there's that. This post itself serves as a way for me to share with you some songs that I really really love, but would probably never be posted otherwise just because they wouldn't, yknow? Anyway, I've been meaning to post more old singles and stuff, too, so if you've got any suggestions or requests, pleaseleave them in the comments. Here are five songs that are mostly completely unrelated to each other.

[MP3]: The Happy Birthdays :: I'm Still Not As Happy...
from the Happy Birthdays EP [Popkonst, 2003]

[MP3]: Dearly :: No Respect
from the Dearly & The Castaway Stones split 7" [Brittle Stars, 1998]

[MP3]: The Bartlebees :: You Are Still Beautiful
from the You Are Still Beautiful EP [Little Teddy Recordings, 1993]

[MP3]: The Wolfhounds :: The Anti-Midas Touch
from Unseen Ripples From A Pebble [The Pink Label, 1987]

[MP3]: Tokyo Kid Brothers :: Furiidama
from Throw Away The Books, Let's Go Into The Streets! [Victor Records, 1971]

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Monday, July 09, 2007

Tesco Chainstore Mascara: new single!

Tesco Chainstore Mascara are David and Katie, a guy and a gal raised on pop, now making their own. I first heard of TCM quite a while ago when Indiepages picked them as "demo of the week," I believe. Some time's passed since then and they're getting ready to release their new single, "Writer's Block." It's pefect sunshiney pop bliss with jangly guitar, pulsing keyboard/organ, and a great harmony-layered chorus. "Writer's Block" will be out August 17th on the Simplistic Cow label. Here's the (great!) video for the single, it's pretty funny.

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Tyvek/Cheveu 2007 West Coast Tour Documentary coming soooon, I think

Friday, July 06, 2007

Doris Troy: "I'll Do Anything"

Doris Troy was considered one of the leading ladies of northern soul in the 1960s, known to her many fans as "Mama Soul". Her amazing northern soul classic "I'll Do Anything" single was originally released on Cameo Records in 1965, then again on Calla the following year. It never became quite as popular as her 1963 hit "Just One Look," though I would consider it to be far better. This video was filmed in Doris Tory's home in 1999 as part of Ian Levine's documentary Strange World Of Northern Soul. Enjoy and have a nice Friday!

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Thursday, July 05, 2007

Meneguar: "Bury A Flower"


I've never noticed New York's Meneguar being talked about that much, which kind of surprises me a lot. When I started listening to them I figured I was relatively late on the bandwagon, but I dont know, maybe I'm not. They released their debut record I Was Born At Night in 2005, then a 7" last year and a re-release of the same debut record. I haven't heard much of I Was Born At Night, but the 7" single they put out last year on Troubleman is ridiculously good and it's basically been my summer jam for the past month or so. It's called "Bury A Flower" and it's ace! The guitars and drums are very driving -- perfect to dance to -- and when the tom roll-filled bridge breaks back into the chorus it's pure awesomeness, just you wait and see. Stay armed with photographs, indeed.

[MP3]: Meneguar :: Bury A Flower (Highly Recommended!)

If you want, you can buy their records from Troubleman Unlimited's shop
Meneguar on MySpace

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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Warm Morning

Warm Morning's Silver Rain 7"

The recent release Warm Morning's Silver Rain 7"+CD marked the return of the wonderful Shelflife Records, who've got even more things planned for the rest of 2007. Warm Morning are two brothers from Italy playing mostly acoustic pop songs completely befitted of their name. I may have used befitted incorrectly there, but the point is the songs are warm and relaxing, not too unlike the Kings of Convenience, and the often mentioned Lotus Eaters, whom I've actually never heard. I'm really liking "Behind The Curtain". Have a listen.

[MP3]: Warm Morning :: Behind The Curtain

The 7" is quite pretty, with a wraparound label and colorful artwork by Jill Bliss. The CD's got five tracks and the 7" has two. It's $15 for both, which is a pretty sweet deal. Buy it here. Shelflife's also planned an A Smile And A Ribbon release for this year, but no exact news as of yet; hopefully we'll see it soon!

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Monday, July 02, 2007

For Ex-Lovers Only: "Mindy (Le Findy)"

Orlando's brilliant For Ex-Lovers Only

It's no secret that I'm a huge fan of hyperbole, but when I say that within like, a week, For Ex-Lovers Only have claimed the spot of my favorite unsigned band in the world, I mean it from the warm depths of my heart. Definitely my best find of the year, and like many of my most greatest finds, I found them on MySpace; in a bulletin from The Besties, actually. They were on a flyer supporting The Besties and the name just jumped right at me. Any band named after a Black Tambourine song has got be at least pretty good, right? RIGHT.

Obviously, they do take a lot of cues from the late, incredible, noisy DC band, but they're quite a bit more driving, and if you wanted to, I'd imagine you could probably dance to them, too. You should DEFINITELY head over to their MySpace and listen to all of their songs, but first listen to my favorite song, "Mindy (Le Findy)". It's an absolutely amazing song, and the chorus is just so good I don't even know what to say. I can't really understand the vocals, but I really like to sing them like I know the words, and I think you will, too! Listen to it on repeat foreverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

[MP3]: For Ex-Lovers Only :: Mindy (Le Findy) (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!)

Visit them on MySpace, hey!

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