Thursday, April 29, 2010

Rocket Fire

Cover art for Rocket Fire.

The new Ceremony record that I speculatively mentioned back in early March is finally really, truly out! True to my hopes and suspicions, it's flat out fantastic. While comparisons could easily be made to A Place To Bury Strangers, anyone with a keen ear for melody would have to agree that Ceremony lends themselves much more to Skywave's pop sensibilities than that of APTBS. That said, the noise is definitely coming before the pop on Rocket Fire — and to great success, too! Songs like "Stars Fall" and "Marianne" are total noisepop gems worthy of endless repeated listens and "Someday" sounds like it could have been a classic Factory Records single. The CD version of the record is out now on Killer Pimp, but the vinyl version won't be out until May 25th. Personally I'd say it's worth the wait. Tide yourself over by listening to "Marianne".

[MP3]: Ceremony :: Marianne (Very Highly Recommended!)

Ceremony on MySpace!

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Friday, April 23, 2010

The Secret History: "Johnny Anorak"

So in love with this song right now!

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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A monthly mix: April!

The latest yet!

Hello all! Long time no see, yes? Unfortunately, when real life responsibilities pile up, the internet responsibilities are the first to fall to very bottom of the list — but we all know that. Anyway, enough excuses! I present to you the absolute latest monthly mix to ever be compiled! This month's mix is a real mish-mash of stuff; pretty much a random sampling of what you would have heard had you been hiding out in my room for the past couple weeks. It's full of 100% totally good songs though, and I would still very highly recommend getting it and listening to it — especially if you're unfamiliar with anything on the tracklist. Off you go!


01. Trinitone "Trying To Think"
02. Butterglory "Waiting On The Guns"
03. Flying Saucer Attack "Soaring High"
04. Dum Dum Girls "Blank Girl"
05. The Wedding Present "Granadaland"
06. The Eyes "I'm Rowed Out"
07. The School "I Want You Back"
08. Tiger Tape "She Is Fiction"
09. Then "Afterglow"
10. The Soft City "Capital Soul"
11. The Charade "The World Is Going Under"
12. Leaving Mornington Crescent "Corners"
13. Fat Tulips "Chainsaw"
14. Citrus Groove "Hit The Ground"


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Friday, April 02, 2010


Really, really excited for this record!

Slumberland will be releasing it on both CD and 12" vinyl on April 26th! Just a little over a week-ish after the Chin Chin reissue is released! It's gonna be a good Slumberland Spring!

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