Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Popfest New England 2010!

I hope by now everyone is getting very excited for Popfest New England 2010! If you've yet to get excited than consider this your chance, because I'm going to be very excited about it for a few more sentences. As in the previous years, Popfest New England will be hosted by Skipping Stones Records in Northampton, Ma! This years fest will be taking place over two days — Saturday and Sunday, November 13-14. There are a lot of reasons to go, but here are two big ones: 1) The lineup is super awesome! (see below!) and 2) Northampton is going to be BEAUTIFUL in November; orange and red everywhere! Also, on a personal note, the two bands I begged to have at the fest are both going to be there (Weed Hounds and Sweet Bulbs, in case you were wondering). LETS'S GET EXCITED!

Here's that fantastic lineup I was talking about:

14 Iced Bears
London, England

Bourgeois Heroes
Northampton, MA

Panda Riot
Chicago, IL

Baltimore, MD

Brown Recluse
Philadelphia, PA

The Smittens
Burlington, VT

Brooklyn, NY

Broooklyn, NY

The True Jacqueline
Northampton, MA

The Hush Now
Boston, MA

The Mystery Keys
Brooklyn, NY

Whistle Jacket
Somerville, MA

Weed Hounds
Brooklyn, NY

Onward Chariots
Brooklyn, NY

Sweet Bulbs
Brooklyn, NY

Math the Band
Providence, RI

Chicago, IL

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Monday, September 06, 2010

I Want The World To Stop!

Happy Labor Day! Here's a quick, yet very exciting, post for today. Judging by how much I love this song already, I think that this new B&S record has the potential to be a very terrific one! I never really had any kind of strong dislike for 'The Life Pursuit', but after just a few listens to "I Want The World To Stop", I'm already feeling pretty confident that 'Write About Love' is going to be a far more enjoyable experience!

Yay! ¡UPDATE! "I Didn't See It Coming" is even better!!!

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Thursday, September 02, 2010

Sweet Bulbs

Sweet Bulbs

I've a huger than huge crush on Brooklyn's noisy Sweet Bulbs. Whenever someone asks me to describe what my favorite music sounds like, I'm normally left scrambling words together, getting nowhere fast. What I think my brain is normally desperately trying to describe is exactly what Sweet Bulbs sound like. Strep-contagious female vocal melodies paired with screaming guitar-mess and catchy, driving basslines. It's the quickest way to my metaphorical music-heart. The most exciting thing about Sweet Bulbs though, is that they seem to nail it everytime. As of right now I've still only heard a few songs, but they've done more than enough to make me enormously impatient to hear the whole of Sweet Bulbs' debut LP, Cybergaze. Listen to "Kissing Clouds" (from the upcoming Cybergaze) and perhaps you'll understand my excitement.

[MP3]: Sweet Bulbs "Kissing Clouds"
(There is no adjective strong enough to clearly stress my recommendation of this song!)

Sweet Bulbs on MySpace!
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Wednesday, September 01, 2010


Chapel Hill's June

Though it wasn't all that long ago, I've already forgotten where I heard of June in the first place, but I'm so glad glad I took the chance and downloaded their singles. I'm typically sold on "90s Chapel Hill" anyway, but reviews and descriptions only made them sound even sweeter. June don't sound all that sweet, though. Amongst the woven guitar lines and bursts of fuzz and distortion, Kat Cook's vocal harmonies still manage to steal the show in most of June's recordings. Way up front and mostly bereft of reverb or any other kind of effects, her voice ends up playing a very powerful role and the lines stick to you like glue almost immediately. They released three singles—one of which produced by Mr. Mitch Easter—and one one album in 1996 before breaking up nearly a month after. I've still yet to hear the full-length, but the three singles have been hogging most of my ear-time lately. Listen to "Stripteaser", the A-side from their second single in 1993 of the same name.

[MP3]: June "Stripteaser" (Highly Recommended!)

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A monthly mix: September 2010!

Fall is almost here!

I love Fall. This really shouldn't be any kind of secret to anyone that even knows me in the very most remote way. The connection between so much of the music I love and the many smells and sensations of this upcoming season is kind of uncanny, but it's something I've come to truly look forward to every year. There's nothing like putting on the perfect record and going for a walk or even a drive outside in that crispier than crisp air. Anyway, the mix. Well here it is. Take it out for a ride! It would be a little better if it weren't still 90 degrees during the day, but what can you do?


01. Cinema Red & Blue "Ballad Of A Bus Stop"
02. Felt "My Face Is On Fire"
03. Cold Cold Hearts "Broken Teeth"
04. Ruby Falls "I Knew You When"
05. The Birthday Machine "Direction & Destination"
06. The Spinanes "Rummy"
07. Lilys "Elizabeth Colour Wheel"
08. The Pines "Kisses And Fog"
09. The Airfields "The Long Way Home"
10. Boyracer "My Town"
11. The Fauns "1991"
12. Scrawl "Disappear Without A Trace"
13. Henry's Dress "Zero Zero Zero"
14. The Lucksmiths "If You Lived Here, You'd Be Home Now"

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