Monday, January 03, 2011

A monthly mix: January 2011!

Though my mantra for 2011 is "back that ass up", this, the flagship monthly mix of 2011, is a bit more of a languid affair. Perhaps it's a last goodbye to a year I don't altogether regret, but that I cannot say I loved. The meaning I put into/get out of this means little in the end though. All I really hope is that maybe you'll find some enjoyment in it. If you find something new to love within these fifteen tracks, well then that's even better! Happy 2011, everyone—and happy listening!


01. Stereolab // Doubt
02. Still Corners // Wish
03. The Revolving Paint Dream // Mother Wash My Tears Away
04. Po! // Haunt You
05. The Relict // Southern Way
06. The Penny Candles // Sometimes
07. The Sea Urchins // Please Rain Fall
08. Rachel Goswell // Coastline
09. The Shapiros // Do You Know
10. The Pastels // Mandarin
11. Biff Bang Pow! // She Paints
12. Hydroplane // International Exiles
13. Felt // Stained-Glass Windows In The Sky
14. They Go Boom!! // Woody Allen
15. Con Dolore // Keeper

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