Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A monthly mix: August 2011!

Here's a little last hurrah of Summer! I love the Summer, but not as much as what's coming up next, and these hotter than hot days are getting very old. Put this on and go out for a walk melt. Literature, Tunabunny, and Catnaps are a few of my favorite bands being bands right now! If you're not on it, get on it! Everything else is, well, you probably know it. If you don't then I can assure it's all a blast. Now grab it go have a blast.


01. Literature "It's Cruel"
02. Tunabunny "(Song For My) Solar Sister"
03. Medicine "Never Click"
04. Catnaps "Lullaby"
05. Eux Autres "Go Dancing"
06. Big Red Bus "All I Need"
07. Kristallin "Twelve Until I Die"
08. The Twerps "She Didn't Know"
09. Happydeadmen "Heaven No!"
10. The Girls "Here I Am In Love Again"
11. All Girl Summer Fun Band "Will I See You"
12. The Hermit Crabs "I Don't Know How"
13. Lush "Lit Up"
14. Fat Tulips "My Secret Place"

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