Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A monthly mix: October 2011!

This month's cover art features Koloman Moser's "Profilbildnis eines M├Ądchens".

Did you guys know that October is the best month ever? Because IT IS. I hope you like this mix. As with all Fall season mixes, I highly recommend pairing it with a nice crisp evening stroll. Bye!


01. Archers of Loaf "Toast"
02. Beat Happening "Gravedigging Blues"
03. Eggplant "Often I Lie"
04. Rose Melberg "Spin"
05. Princess Niko "The Broken Paper-Heart Club"
06. Sea Lions "To Love Somebody" (Bee Gees cover)
07. Sleeping Bag "Ben"
08. Seam "Granny 9X"
09. Post Post "Entryway"
10. The Ropers "These Days"
11. Veronica Falls "The Fountain"
12. Waxahatchee "Catfish"
13. Twerps "Dreamin"
14. Dinosaur Jr. "Goin Home"
15. Portastatic "Why Pinch Yourself"
16. Yo La Tengo "Take Care"

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