Monday, March 24, 2008

All I Find Is Wasted Time

Hello gents and gentlies. I have a spare minute this morning, so I thought I'd try to do a quick post of things before I have to go paint for four hours! First of all, I hope everyone had a lovely holiday. Mine was spent finishing the pile of homework that built up over spring break, so that was a blast. Alright, first item of business would be... new Bridal Shop 7" on Cloudberry! They've got the a-side "Violation" streaming on their MySpace right now and it might just be their best tune yet. I love the way it just kind of explodes into a blast of guitar and drum machine at the beginning, it's so bright and beautiful! Order it over at Cloudberry Records. New Summer cats single coming up on Cloudberry, too, but more on that later...

Next, brand new – and excellent – EPs from both Northern Portrait and The Electric Pop Group are out now on Matinee. Northern Portrait's The Fallen Aristocracy EP is just perfect classic jangly pop songs. The lead track "Crazy," in particular, reminds me quite of The Smiths... could be the guitars, could be the vocals, maybe both?! The Electric Pop Group's Sunrise EP treads most of the same ground as their self-titled record from last year (very late 2006, rather), but, to me, that's quite alright because it's the type of ground that would have likely secured them a spot on Sarah Records in a different time. "This Is A Town" grabs me the same way "Walk Away" did just months ago, which means it wont be letting go for a while. They're both only five bucks each! Go get 'em!

Then there's The Sound of Arrows. Don't know too much about them, but they're Swedish, and they've got an new EP on the way on Labrador, and apparently they're leading Swedish pop into the next decade... we'll see about that, bur for now, I'll definitely say that this is some pretty fun stuff! The EP's title track "Danger!" sounds like some brilliantly dancey blend of Jens Lekman and Saint Etienne... which as anyone could imagine, is an amazing combination! The EP will be out May 7th! For now, listen (and dance) to "Danger!"

[MP3]: The Sound of Arrows :: Danger! (Hiiiiighly Rec'd!!!)

Finally, in less recent news, I've been listening to "Sickening" by The Sweetest Ache almost completely on repeat since I woke up today. What an amazing song it is...

[MP3]: The Sweetest Ache :: Sickening (Very Highly Recommended!)

Have a lovely day!

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Monday, March 17, 2008

NYC Popfest 2008!!!

The best four days you'll have this year!

NYC POPFEST 2008 is finally kicking into high gear! And I'm so excited! I've been waiting for what has felt like forever for some "official" Popfest updates and I've finally got some!!! A partial list of bands has finally been confirmed this past week, and here they are!

The Besties (NYC)
The Cannanes (Australia)
Cats on Fire (Finland)
Dent May & His Ukelele (MO)
Friday Bridge (Sweden)
From Bubblegum To Sky (NYC)
The Hermit Crabs (UK)
Love Is All (Sweden)
Mahogany (NYC)
My Teenage Stride (NYC)
Oh! Custer (Sweden)
One Happy Island (MA)
The Pains of Being Pure at Heart (NYC)
Pants Yell! (MA)
Tullycraft (WA)

Now, I don't know about you, but good god that is one hell of a lineup so far! I have to say, at the moment, I'm probably the most excited for Cats On Fire and The FUCKING Cannanes!!! And of course, The Pobpahs will be awesome, as will Pants Yell!, and as will everyone else... and LOVE IS ALL... Love Is All, wow...

I know I didn't quite succeed last year, but this year I think I'm going to actually try to do a post on each band, leading up to the Popfest! And I'll actually be there this year! I can't wait to meet everyone I've yet to meet, and dance forever with them. I'll keep you updated on band updates and etc, although you can also do that yourself by being friends with the NYC Popfest on MySpace! There's also word of some Popfest warm-ups coming up in April, so keep your eyes peeled for updates, updates, updates!!!


P.S. You should head over to Alex's wonderful, wonderful blog to find her also posing with her Popbpahs/Pgrams split 7" (Everyone should be doing this, by the way!!!). I don't know if I've linked to her before actually, until now, but her blog is really really great and awesome and is one of the few that I still read constantly these days... so you should be reading it too!!!


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Wednesday, March 12, 2008


The way we are now, it's alright,
So don't tell me it's the last night of our young lives...

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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

As Farrrrrrrrr as I Can Seeeeeeeeeeee

Hey! Surefire Broadcast just recently put up a few new songs on their MySpace. Is this really worth an entire post, you ask? Yes! – and I will tell you why. One of the new songs, "Stars," is probably my new favorite SFBC song! Lisa and Rodney's vocal harmonies at the end are just TOO perfect, and as always, the distortion is just right. You should really definitely go listen to it immediately!

Surefire Broadcast on MySpace


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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

My Heart Beats Outside Itself :: A Mix!

Photo in the cover art by Speakelabs on Flickr.

Hello again! Sorry I've been kind of awful at updating lately, but hey, I've got a new mix today– so that's cool... right? It's just ten tracks – fairly short – but I spent a lot of time arranging it and I think it's quite a nice listen from beginning to end. Some nice jangly guitar, some sweet solos, some lovely glockenspiel – it's all here! If i had to pick a favorite song on the mix, it would probably be between "Trust Me" or probably "Popkiss," though I have been pretty obsessed with Minisnap lately (thanks Kevin!). You should still listen to it all in order though! Alright, well, I hope you like it! Tell your friends! and your mother! and her mother! and tell the dog! and tell the neighborhood butcher! tell the whole town!

Tell me which song that the title of the mix comes from and you'll win a cookie and a glass of milk to dip that cookie in, along with a bib to catch the milk run-off :)

My Heart Beats Outside Itself (.zip file, 10 mp3s, 62mb)

01 Hearts On Fire :: The Sultry Day
02 The Brilliant Corners :: Trust Me
03 Sportique :: It Couldn't Last Forever
04 Would-Be-Goods :: Casanova 92
05 Minisnap :: In My Pocket
06 Confetti :: Whatever Became of Alice and Jane
07 Hari and Aino :: Seasons
08 Blueboy :: Popkiss
09 Horowitz :: I Need A Blanket
10 Wild Carnation :: The Lights Are On (But No One's Home)


Oh and P.S. there's something very cool in the works.
But hush hush about that for now!

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