Wednesday, August 04, 2010

A monthly mix: August! 2010!

This month's mix marks a farewell to a Summer that I've been eager to see the end of ever since it began. I'm not sure if that emotion shows through in the mix itself, but there's a good chance it's there somewhere. Despite my personally lackluster experiences the past several months, music has been very good to me and I feel like there are quite a lot of new things to be excited about! Opening the mix is Swimsuit. I mentioned them just a post ago, so you go find out a bit more there! The Best Coast and Wild Nothing records have both been soundtracking my Summer quite well and I still can't manage to put them down! Then, in terms of new stuff, there's the new Sky Larkin album! I cannot recommend it enough — it's a perfect slice of 90s indierock and it's been on repeat since I got my 90s-loving hands on it. The rest of the mix goes on in particular Skatterbrain mix fashion and I'm sure you'll see some familiar faces along the way. I really hope you enjoy this one! Have an awesome August!


01. Swimsuit "Evaporation"
02. Best Coast "When The Sun Don't Shine"
03. East Village "Strawberry Window"
04. Ultra Vivid Scene "Special One" (ft. Kim Deal)
05. The Arrogants "It's All A Dream (Nightmare Version)"
06. Wild Nothing "Our Composition Book"
07. Helium "Honeycomb"
08. Sky Larkin "Still Windmills"
09. The Autocollants "Beyond The Reef"
10. Camera Obscura "A Sister's Social Agony"
11. The Cave Weddings "Never Never Know"
12. Tuscadero "Mt. Pleasant"
13. Big Troubles "Freudian Slips"
14. Moped "Keep In Touch"


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