Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Black Tambourine: New Stuff

Heavens to murgatroid!


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Monday, January 25, 2010


World Atlas

Good morning! While doing my daily MySpace check-in this morning before class I decided to see what World Atlas, whom I've mentioned a couple times in the past, were up to these days. To my extreme delight, it turns out they're up to a lot! They have apparently got a record to be released by Magic Marker at some point — hopefully soon! The more immediate and exciting news however, is that they will be playing the NYC Popfest this year!!! with a string section!!! I couldn't say yay enough to times to truly justify how great I think this will be.

Go Listen to some of their sweet pop tunes on MySpace!

In other almost-equally-exciting news, the new Sad Day For Puppets 7" on Cloudberry is almost out!!! It'll be available February 10th and you're definitely going to want to be grabbing one. I've been listening to "Again" since Roque first put it up and it still sounds like gold!

[MP3]: Sad Day For Puppets :: Again (Hiiighly Recommended!!!)

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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Two New Blanche Hudson Weekend songs!

The Rats In The Cellar EP

At this point I feel that it's pretty safe to say that my love for The Blanche Hudson Weekend grows just as deep as it did for the late, great Manhattan Love Suicides — and I love/loved the MLS. A LOT. I ordered the BHW's Letters To Daddy EP last year as soon as it was out and I'll do the same again with their upcoming Odd Box release, The Rats In The Cellar EP. The two new songs on their MySpace right now, which will hopefully be on the EP, are both brilliant — and more importantly, they further prove that the BHW, like their predecessors, have the same fantastic inability to ever write a dull song. Head over over to MySpace and listen to "Only Snow" and "Grip Of Fear" and do your eyes peeled for that new EP!

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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Sea Dweller

Sea Dweller

Okay, whoa. To be honest, I already forget how I stumbled upon Sea Dweller — aka Italy's greatest whammy-bending secret — but I am sooooooooooo glad that I did! This is truly some of the best shoegaze I've heard that was made in the past ten years. I suppose we all prefer our noisy melodies in different ways, but the Swirlies/MBV/Ecstasy of Saint Theresa sort of thing that Sea Dweller has got going on could not be more accurately hitting the nail on the head for me. When the the verse comes in on "Settings" I simply die. Anyway, they just released their debut record this past November on 2&1 Records. Had I heard it just a little bit sooner it would have been a huge favorite of the year for me. Listen to "Settings" right now!

[MP3]: Sea Dweller :: Settings (Super Recommended!)

Sea Dweller on MySpace!

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Monday, January 11, 2010

Video: Evening Lights: "Are You Listening?"

I CANNOT WAIT for the release of the Evening Lights' posthumous debut album! It shoul dbe out anytime now on Shelflife Records! I am going to listen to "Are You Listening?" over and over and over and over and I won't even have to set foot on MySpace to do it! Oh what a day that will be! Wish I would have gotten to see them live!

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If I could just have you here in my arms


Sleepover are a new-ish indiepop band hailing from the lovely state of Utah that play early 90s K Recs-sounding stuff. They've recently released their debut s/t record as a free download from Magic Goat. There are a lot of great songs within — "Kilgore", "Sleepover", and "Swim Swam Swum" are early favorites! My one complaint is that all of the lovely vocal melodies throughout the record are, at times, just barely cutting through the mix. I'd really like to hear them a bit louder! Other than that bit, it's a pretty wonderful debut record full of catchy little pop songs like this one, right here!

[MP3]: Sleepover :: Swim Swam Swum

Sleepover on MySpace!

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Friday, January 08, 2010

What's a girl to do?

Some Yuck feet, I think.

I just found out about Yuck via Jack Shankly's ever-brilliant Transparent Blog. I listened to their song Georgia. Then I listened to it again. Then I Listened to it again, and again, and again, and again. In fact, it's still playing, and I haven't the slightest urge to hit the stop button yet. The name Georgia in the title immediately brought Yo La Tengo into my head, and come to think of it, it sounds a wee bit like Yo La Tengo. It's got that sunny, wheezing fuzz that I just can't seem to ever say no to, but on top of that we've also got some pretty great — albeit quite drenched — boy/girl harmonies going on. Some totally great, poppy 90s stuff going on here, but one question still remains. Who are Yuck? At least we know they're from "New Jersey, London, Hiroshima". That really narrows it down. Thanks, guys.

[MP3]: Yuck :: Georgia


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Thursday, January 07, 2010

I don't know what it's like to know you

Chris, Mark, and Jenny

I got ahold of Grenadine's first record, Goya, about a month ago, but didn't really listen to it until this past afternoon and I'm in love with it front beginning to end. What would one expect from a Jenny Toomey and Mark Robinson combination. It's beautiful, moody and woozy, but also downright poppy. Jenny and Mark's vocals are brilliant and well, I don't know, I don't really have anymore words, but I'm just really stuck on this song – along with just about every other one of the record.

[MP3]: Grenadine :: In A World Without Heroes

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Tuesday, January 05, 2010

McTells: "Snowy White"

Four Letter Words 003, 1991.

I haven't listened to The McTells in a while, but I saw their "Snowy White" 7" yesterday and for just four bucks, I couldn't pass it up. "Snowy White" sounds like it could have been a chart topping garage hit in the 60s. It sure has enough stops and starts. Speaking of "Snowy White", I could realy go for some more snow right now. I can't get enough of the stuff.

[MP3]: The McTells :: Snowy White

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