Sunday, December 11, 2011


as a result of my last post on here some of you thought that Skatterbrain was perhaps over. As I clarified in the comments, it is not. BUT, it is changing. Skattebrain is being "relaunched" on a new platform. That platform, as you may have guessed, is tumblr! I made this decision based upon the ease and efficiency of tumblr and its interactive capabilities. Having the blog at its new home will hopefully leading to more regular posting as it used to be around here.

You can still read Skatterbrain on tumblr without having a tumblr account. However, for those of you that do have tumblr accounts it will make for a much more interactive blog than before, hopefully producing a bit more discussion and the like. The address will point here for probably another week, but then it will be permanently relocated to the new Skatterbrain over on tumblr! This blog will still be alive and can be reached via should you want to continue to dig through the archives. I want to thank everyone who's followed Skatterbrain here for sometime during the past—wow—six years. I hope all of you are able to continue reading over at Skatterbrain's new home.

The end of the year festivities are beginning over at the new Skatterbrain right now with my favorite records of 2011 just posted! The 'favorite songs of 2011' mega-gigantic mix will be up later this week! Favorite EPs, too! See you there!

The new url is:

*Remember, the .org address will no longer point to this blogspot after this week!

I hope this isn't too confusing. If you have any questions, you know where to reach me!

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