Monday, October 30, 2006

Young Galaxy sign to Arts & Crafts, Tour with The Dears

Locating an actual photo of the band proved to be much harder than just cropping this.

So, as noted above, I'm still not sure what Young Galaxy looks like. Typically this would present itself as a problem because I like to know what a band looks like when I listen to ther music. It just adds a sort of aesthetic appeal, I think. However, in Young Galaxy's case, I think their music can be all the more appreciated under a veil of mystery. But, what with signing to powerhouse label Arts & Crafts and touring with The Dears this Fall, I don't think they're gonna be able to stay hidden for much longer. Their debut on A&C is set for release in Spring 2007. Now, that's a long ways away, I know, but until then you can listen to this song from the forthcoming album or catch them on tour. Or you can ignore me and go play video games, or knit me something. Actually, if someone wants to knit me an iPod cozy, that would be the coolest thing ever.

[MP3]: Young Galaxy :: Swing Your Heartache (Highly rec'd!)
Note: That link downloads a .zip file with the MP3 enclosed. I would host the the track myself, but Ezarchive is still in it's whatever process until November 1st so please bear with us. Thanks. :)

Tourdates (all dates with The Dears):

November 28, 2006 Seattle, WA Neumo's
November 30, 2006 Portland, OR Doug Fir
December 1, 2006 San Francisco, CA Independent
December 2, 2006 Los Angeles, CA El Ray
December 4, 2006 Salt Lake City, UT Urban Lounge
December 5, 2006 Denver, CO Bluebird Theater
December 7, 2006 Minneapolis, MN First Avenue
December 8, 2006 Chicago, IL Cabaret Metro

Young Galaxy on MySpace
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The Wilson Hospital

Kathrine Bergstrom and Marten Tromm are The Wilson Hospital

I can't really reveal too much information biographical-wise about The Wilson Hospital as their biography and most all other text on their website is in, I believe, Swedish. I can however tell you that their album Medication For A Lost Generation is really wonderful. They make sunny indie-pop, that's heavily influenced by that classic 60's pop sound that Brian Wilson and Beach Boys had perfected.

[MP3]: The Wilson Hospital :: Call Me A.S.A.P. (Recommended)
As on most of their songs, Kathrine's vocals are the real treat here. It feels like they may have a slight bit of reverb on them, but mostly she's just got an incredibly beautiful voice. Lyrically the song treads the typical indie-pop "come back, I love you" territory with Kathrine missing a love and begging for a call. The thing is, no matter how overused, this formula will always and forever work because there will always be people that can relate to it.

[MP3]: The Wilson Hospital :: Midsummer's Ball

Their website appears to have not been updated in some time, so it's possible that The Wilson Hospital is now defunct, but I really hope not. Anyway, you can pick up Medication For A Lost Generation at CD Baby, so you should definitely go do that if you like these songs. Have a nice day, xoxoxo.
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Friday, October 27, 2006

It's been pretty cold lately

As the title of this post suggests, it's been pretty cold in Maryland lately, at least in Annapolis, or more specifically Cape St. Claire. This isn't a "real" post, though you may have already guessed that already. However, have no fear, for I will return on Monday and hopefully well get back into a more regular swing of things around here, just like the old times... remember those old times. Not the old times where I posted crap and called it really great, but like, the lesser old times, the "not-so-old-yet-older-than-today" times, or what some may have dubbed the transition to twee. Now, that wasn't a great time because I was posting a lot of indie-pop, though, I could also argue in that direction as well. No, it was a great time because I was posting music that I really truly loved, and a decent amount of it, I guess. Anyway, I had a good time then, and so did you, I could tell cause you were always grinning and making eyes at me like you wanted some. I guess it's funny how I'm gonna post this, stick an MP3 at the bottom, and then not post for two days and pretty much negate everything I just said. However, said negation period will only last until Monday, or well I guess Sunday(?) depending on how you want to look at it. Um, this song is by a band called Welcome, I believe they're from Seattle and they just signed to Fat Cat Records. Word on the street is that Fat Cat is going to release an album called Sirs, and that this album is going to be made by Welcome. It's also very likely that this album will be made available in the U.S. and Canada on March 5th 2007, however Fat Cat is the type of dude that picks favorites and so the rest of the world is going to get it lightyears before us on November 16th. This song is the title track from Sirs and its really good. It has a little Deerhoof feel, musically, yknow, if you're into that sort of thing.

[MP3]: Welcome :: Sirs (Highly Recommended!)

This song is pretty good, too.

[MP3]: Welcome :: All Set (Highly Recommended!)

Go see Welcome at their MySpace home
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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Benoit Pioulard: "Palimend"

Thomas Meluch a.k.a. Benoit Pioulard

On October 16th Kranky released the first record from Thomas Meluch under his musical pseudonym Benoit Pioulard. The album, Precis, is a wonderful soundscape of delicate pop structures stretched over living and breathing field recordings and other organic sounds. This is an incredible album full of songs that feel remarkably alive and some that feel near the brink of death. Precis grabs ahold of you and, depending on your state of mind, it can either pull you to the deepest depths of the ocean or throw you high up into the clouds. Have a listen, both tracks come very highly recommended. If you like Yellow House, chances are you'll love this.

[MP3]: Benoit Pioulard :: Palimend (Highly Recommended!)
[MP3]: Benoit Pioulard :: Triggering Back (Highly Recommended!)
"Palimend" is the perfect example of why this record feels so alive. Lying just below the acoustic guitar and soft, warm vocals is something magical. The popping and chugging of what seems to be a heavily washed out drum track, turns out to feel more like a steam engine chugging by in the distance. Even more careful listening reveals what sounds like some sort of stream or river in motion. That, combined with the tambourine and bells creates an almost hypnotic sound, proving that Thomas' painstaking attention to detail has really paid off in the end.

Buy Precis from Kranky

I've been noticing myself listening to a lot of the same stuff recently that I was listening to this same time last year. The New Pornographers' Electric Version is probably one of my favorite albums to listen to in the colder months. Does this happen to anyone else? What are some of your perfect Fall albums?

P.S. If you're reading this and it's October 25th, then it's my Birthday! Woo!
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Monday, October 23, 2006

Matt & Kim: "Yea Yeah"

Matt & Kim

I was turned onto the Brooklyn keyboard and drums duo Matt & Kim the other day after repeatedly hearing of their amazing-ness from a couple friends who couldn't seem to stop singing their praises. Apparently their live show is NOT TO BE MISSED, however, I had to miss it tonight due to work. In reparation for missing the show, I figured I'd let you guys in on their super-fun sounds. Their new self-titled album October 24th AND YOU CAN TOTALLY PREORDER IT HERE. This song... I don't even know what to say about this song other than it's now the official Skatterbrain approved danceparty song of the year.

[MP3]: Matt & Kim :: Yea Yeah (OMG So Recommended!!!)
At first you might say, "Oh, so they're like another Mates of Sate, right?" Wrong. Matt & Kim pull a million times more energy and passion out of their instruments than those two Barsuk lovebirds could ever dream of. This song, "Yea Yeah," had me hooked within the first few seconds, but it really hits when the crash comes in on the chorus and their two voices manage sound like a chorus of sweaty kids all yelling "yea yeah yea yeah yeah yeah yeah" over and over again, you'll start to feel something magical. If you don't even have the slightest desire to get up and just jump around to this song than I'm really sorry you have to live that way.

Watch the video for their song "5k"!
Matt & Kim on MySpace
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Friday, October 20, 2006

Ukuyeye By Mareva: "Pourquoi Pas Moi"

Below is the video for "Pourquoi Pas Moi" by Ukuyeye By Mareva. OBSESS IT.

Ukuyeye By Mareva on MySpace
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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Bryan Scary is Awesome!

Bryan Scary's The Shredding Tears

Where the hell did Bryan Scary come from? Not that it's very important, but I would have thought that I would have gotten wind a little earlier of a record as good as this coming out. Bryan Scary's The Shredding Tears is an amazing prog-pop behemoth of a record. The word epic would be an understatement, as every one of the 15 songs that make up this album are extremely impressive, sweeping songs, as catchy as they are brilliantly imaginative.

Also worth noting is that this all done by one man, the genious Bryan Scary. Bryan played and produced everything on this album but the drums, which were commanded by Jeremy Black of Apollo Sunshine. The Shredding Tears will be out on CD/double LP on Black and Greene Records on Halloween(October 31st). If you're a fan of Apollo Sunshine, ELO, The Fiery Furnaces, or The Beatles than it is absolutely mandatory that you take note of this album. I could definitely see this album ending on many many year end lists. Check out a couple of my favorite tracks below.

[MP3]: Bryan Scary :: The Ceiling On The Wall (HIGHLY REC'D!!!)
[MP3]: Bryan Scary :: The Blood Club (HIGHLY REC'D!!!)

Preorder The Shredding Tears from Black and Greene Records
Bryan Scary on MySpace
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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Chilly Fall Mixtape Project: 7 & 8

Fall is really cool. Especially when you try to blog better.

Okay, it's no secret that I've been slacking lately. I've been slacking on the blog in general, and specifically the Chilly Fall Mixtape Project, the feature that's supposed to keep me consistantly psyched on posting. I guess I've just been kinda lethargic lately, due to this chilly Fall weather and stuff, y'know. Enough excuses though, let's get back on track. I'm sure you'll notice a bit of simlarity in tonight's songs, probably in the vocals. Actually, only in the vocals.

7. [MP3]: Deerhoof :: Apple Bomb
I was riding home the other night, just as it was getting dark outside and "Apple Bomb" came up on shuffle and it couldn't have been more perfect. Not only is it a song I associate with Fall, but it's also probably my favorite Deerhoof track of all time. The peaceful verses juxtaposed with the noisy freakout of the chorus make for an extremely intense listen. Never heard this before? Make damn sure you hear it now.

8. [MP3]: Tenniscoats :: The Theme of Tenniscoats
I hadn't heard of of Tenniscoats until fairly recently when my good pal Dean began raving about this song. I'll admit, I didn't really see anything in this song probably the first two or three times I heard it, but now I find myself humming every waking second of my days lately, which is really cool when yout hink about it. the idea of a song working itself into your mind so much so that you end up using it fill in the silent times of your day. That, I believe is the true mark of "catchy." Plus the serene vocals similar to those of the above track evoke the feeling of a sort warm blanket. However, as "Apple Bomb" evntually rips the blanket off of you and beats you over head with it, this song just continues to tuck you in tighter and tighter.

Chilly Fall Mixtape Project: 1 & 2
Chilly Fall Mixtape Project: 3 & 4
Chilly Fall Mixtape Project: 5 & 6
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The Winks: "Nolan Ryan"

Tyr and Todd of The Winks

Though typically seen as a large group, Montreal's The Winks are essentially just the duo of Tyr Jami and Todd MacDonald, along with an ever rotating cast cast of additional musicians. On The Wink's eighth release, Birthday Party (out November 3rd on Ache Records), Tyr and Todd have crafted an outstandingly fresh record, building upon what 2004's Slippers & Parasol had already achieved. Mixing equal part's experimentalism and catchy pop hooks, along with the strange combination of mandolin and cello, Birthday Party overflows with gem after gem; including this one, the album's closer.

[MP3]: The Winks :: Nolan Ryan (Highly Recommended!!)
When I first listened to this record a couple weeks ago I made it through once, but could only remember maybe one or two songs that really stuck out, and this song wasn't initially one of them. First impressions aren't everything though, and I'm a firm believer in that, so I gave it another shot this past week and it just clicked. Now I can't turn it off and I also can't help but keep skipping down to this track over and over again. It starts out so small and intimate and eventually becomes this beaming anthem, bigger than they've ever sounded. This is The Winks' "I'll Believe In Anything."

Preorder Birthday Party today!
The Winks on MySpace
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Monday, October 16, 2006

Mogwai: "I Do Have Weapons"

An original (and damn good) soundtrack by Mogwai

Early in the year we were given news of this film, and that it's sountrack was being originally written by none other than Mogwai. For some reason, I was never really truly excited about it, but whether it be caused by my low expectations or the fact it's really that good, this is a truly fantastic soundtrack. Hell, it's a truly fantastic Mogwai record.

In the same fashion of fellow post-rockers Explosions in the Sky (who once did an originally soundtrack for the film Friday Night Lights), Mogwai have turned it down a bit and opted more for the approach of "absolutely beautiful," and man if they didn't hit the nail right on the head. The tracks mostly all hang out around the four-five minute range, save for the closer "Black Spider 2," which tops off at an astounding 30 minutes and 26 seconds. I've listened to this track about 15 times now and I still can't shake it.

[MP3]: Mogwai :: I Do Have Weapons (Highest Rec!!)
Though I'm not too psyched on the movie itself, I would really love to see it just too see how and where these songs work into the movie. These songs were clearly written with a coresponding image in mind, and I could only imagine that it would make them seem even more powerful when combined with the film. Musically this song feels like it could have been pulled right off Come On Die Young, with it's slow percussion and building of feedback, layer upon layer, until fading off into the distance.

The Zidane: a 21st Century Portrait soundtrack will be out October 24th
Preorder it from

Mogwai on MySpace

For anyone on the fence about getting the new Emily Haines album Knives Don't Have Your Back, I listened to it for the first time last night at work, and I can say without a doubt that I was very very impressed. Better than Jenny Lewis, better than Neko Case, and better than Amy Milan. I'd highly recommend checking out if you haven't yet.
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Friday, October 13, 2006

+/- Announce Tour Dates/Plan To Take Over The World

Plus/Minus (+/-) eating chicken.

Recent Absolutely Kosher signees, Plus/Minus, have a big month ahead of them. With the release of their debut on Absolutely Kosher, Let's Build A Fire and full country-spanning tour starting at the end of October, these guys will soon be on top of the world. Don't believe me? Check out this track from the upcoming album.

[MP3]: Plus/Minus :: Let's Steal The Blueprints (Highly Recommended!)

Preorder Let's Build A Fire from Absolutely Kosher

The Dates:
Fri, 10/27 - Philadelphia, PA @ First Unitarian Church w/The Wrens
Sat, 10/28 - Washington, DC @ Black Cat w/The Wrens
Wed, 11/1 - New York, NY @ R&R - Absolutely Kosher CMJ showcase
Tue, Nov 7- Atlanta, GA @Earl w/Irving
Wed, Nov 8 - Birmingham, AL @Bottle Tree Cafe w/Irving
Fri, Nov 10 - Denton, TX @Hailey's w/Irving
Sat, Nov 11 - Austin, TX @Austin Music Hall w/Irving
Mon, 11/13 - Albuquerque, NM @ the Launch Pad w/ Irving
Tue, Nov 14 -Phoenix, AZ @ Modified w/Irving
Wed, Nov 15 -Tucson, AZ @Plush w/Irving
Thu, 11/16 - Los Angeles, CA @ Spaceland w/ Irving
Fri, Nov 17 -San Francisco, CA @Bottom of the Hill w/Irving
Sat, Nov 18 - Chico, CA 1078 @Gallery w/Irving
Mon, Nov 20 - Portland, OR@Towne Lounge w/Irving
Tue, Nov 21 - Seattle, WA @Crocodile Cafe w/Irving
Fri, 11/24 - Minneapolis, MN @ 7th Street Entry w/ Irving
Sat, Nov 25 - Chicago, IL @Schubas Tavern w/Irving
Sun, Nov 26 - Grand Rapids, MI @The Intersection w/Irving
Wed, Nov 29 - Toronto @Sneaky Dee's w/Irving
Thu, Nov 30 - Montreal @Casa Del popolo w/Irving
Fri, Dec 1 - Cambridge, MA @ The Middle East

Plus/Minus on MySpace
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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Camera Obscura on Grey's Anatomy

Glasgow's Camera Obscura

The Camera Obscura track "If Looks Could Kill" from their fantastic new album Let’s Get Out Of This Country will be featured tonight week on the hit ABC show Grey's Anatomy at 9pm. Merge says, "Set your VCR/DVR/Tivo STAT! The first two minutes of Grey's Anatomy, arguably the most attractively populated hour in television, will be scored by the dulcet tones of Camera Obscura's "If Looks Could Kill." Will Meredith be kissing McDreamy, or McVet? Will Izzie come back to work? The suspense is almost too much to bear!" So again, tonight, at 9pm EST, tune into Grey's Anatomy and you'll here this:

[MP3]: Camera Obscura :: If Looks Could Kill

Now, we're pretty excited, but it's no surpise to us that they've chosen such a great song, as they've always had a pretty solid sountrack since the show started. My personal favorite choice of their's up til now would have to be Au Revoir Simone's "Through the Backyards," which if you haven't heard yet, is an incredibly great song.

[MP3]: Au Revoir Simone :: Through the Backyards (Highly Recommended!)
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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Rescue: "Breaking My Own Heart"

Rescue demonstrate the ice hockey play made famous by The Mighty Ducks

Hailing from Detroit, the violin toting five piece known as Rescue have finally found a temporary home for their debut record, Paranoid. Though they're not "officially" releasing the album, Michigan's Suburban Sprawl Music will be doing a limited edition pressing of Paranoid which will all be hand-numbered. Rescue play very dense songs with dashes of psychadelia, male/female harmonies, and complex instrumental breakdowns scattered about. There is currently no solid date on when Paranoid will see a release, but when that time comes you'll be able to pick it up from Suburban Sprawl Music or at a show. Speaking of shows, look below the MP3 for October dates with Skatterbrain favs Thunderbirds Are Now!

[MP3]: Rescue :: Breaking My Own Heart (Recommended!)
The song opens, full band, in an almost wall of sound dirge led mostly by a fiercly stomping piano. About halfway through the song, the instruments take a step back, allowing a small choir of voices to singing together "until you forget" over and over. Following a short break comes a distorted guitar solo, a spastic synth freakout, a drum breakdown, and then, finally, you get a chance to breathe.

I can only imagine that a show with these guys and Thunderbirds Are Now! has like, a 200% chance of breaking into one gigantic dance party. Make sure you don't miss the party.

The Dates (supporting TAN!):
10/18 Omaha, NB @ Sokol Underground
10/19 Kansas City, MO @ The Record Bar
10/20 Denton, TX @ Hailey's
10/21 Austin, TX @ Emo's
10/22 Houston, TX @ Walters
10/23 New Orleans, LA @ One Eyed Jacks
10/24 Baton Rouge, LA @ Spanish Moon
10/25 Tallahassee, FL @ Beta Bar
10/26 Orlando, FL @ Firestone
10/27 Gainesville, FL @ Abbey Road as a part of The Fest V
10/28 Atlanta, GA @ Drunken Unicorn
10/29 Chapel Hill, NC @ Local 506
10/30 Baltimore, MD @ Ottobar
10/31 Philadelphia, PA @ The Northstar Bar
11/4 Boston, MA @ TT the Bear's
11/5 Montreal, PQ @ Main Hall
11/6 Toronto, ONT @ Sneaky Dee's
11/7 Bowling Green, OH @ Howard's Club H
11/8 Cleveland, OH @ The Spot at Case Western University

*All dates with Thunderbirds Are Now!

Rescue on MySpace
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Suburban Kids With Biblical Names: "Loop Duplicate My Heart"

Peter Gunnarson & Johan Hedberg are Suburban Kids With Biblical Names

Way back in 2005, the boys of Suburban Kids With Biblical Names released their third record (and first full length), aptly titled #3, on Labrador Records in Sweden. Well, as was reported months back, SKWBN have signed with Minty Fresh in the U.S., who will be rereleasing #3 domestically sometime soon. While I still think #1 holds their strongest tracks to date, #3 is still a pretty solid album. Plus, it has one secret weapon that #1 doesn't; "Loop Duplicate My Heart."

[MP3]: Suburban Kids With Biblical Names :: Loop Duplicate My Heart (Rec'd and Stuff!)
This song is so fun because, depending on your personality, you will either view this song as cute and fun or pitiful and sad. Obviously I'm with the former, and really, how could anyone not be? It's a heartwarming song about falling in love with your... computer. Complete with electronic chirps, acoustic guitar strums, handclaps and sing-a-long lyrics: "Can't get no sleep tonight / damn it feels so good tonight," the message is clear. They just want to have some fun and maybe find some love, from what or whomever.

Buy #3 from Minty Fresh
Suburban Kids With Biblical Names on MySpace
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Monday, October 09, 2006

Chilly Fall Mixtape: Five and Six

Fall is really cool. Especially zip-up sweatshirts and mittens

I'm sure most of you have noticed that I haven't really been keeping up with this blog too well lately. Sure there's a post or so a day, but it's all been pretty lax and I'll be the first too admit it. I really want to get back into blogging like I used to, so I'm going to try to make more of an effort I guess, or something. It's still probably going to mostly indie-pop focused, as that's what I've been really into lately, but there'll be the occasional something else and stuff. So, I'll shut up now and get onto tonight's two songs.

[MP3]: The Field Mice :: Emma's House
Though "Sensitive" is widely considered The Field Mice's best song, I've always had more of soft spot for "Emma's House," which pretty much seems to never fail to bring a tear to my eye. Released on Sarah Records in 1988, "Emma's House" is soft, melancholy tune and Bobby Wratten's lyrics here are probably some of the the strongest lines of his career: "Where you are / Where you now are / You have nothing to live up to / You have nothing to live down / Emma's house is empty / so why do I call it Emma's house?" Those last two lines will forever stick with me as some of the most memorable lyrics I've ever heard.

[MP3]: Modest Mouse :: Edit The Sad Parts
Here we go from the beauty of The Field Mice to the ringing guitar ruckus of Modest Mouse. This track appears only on Interstate 8, but is one of the best songs the band has written to date. It's pretty rough sounding, but really, that's the beauty of it, of Modest Mouse in general. A fine example would be the combination of the dirty sounding guitar riffs riding under, some of my favorite lyrics that Isaac has ever written: "If you stand in a circle / Then you'll all have a back to bite / Back logged books on the 7 wonders / We're all so funny but he's lost his joke now." It's the combination of ear ringing instrumentation and ridiculously clever lyrics that make this song such a favorite. Plus, I first heard in the fall, and a song always reminds of the setting in which you first heard it, which I think is a pretty magical thing.

Previous Posts:
Chilly Fall Mixtape: One and Two
Chilly Fall Mixtape: Three and Four
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Okkervil River: Overboard and Down

Okkervil River

Back in January, after months and months of touring, Will Sheff and the rest of Okkervil River got together at Will's home in Austin, Texas to lay out some new ideas and record some songs. "We got together in the house and in a few days recorded 22 new songs. These weren't intended for release; they were just for fun. Some of them were demos for possible future use, some of them were brand-new songs I'd just written as exercises, some of them were covers, some were genre experiments. We just wanted to do a lot of recording with the express desire not to release the stuff, to rediscover the idea of recording for fun," said Sheff.

Determined not to let these songs go to waste, the band's Australian label, Low Transit Industries, suggested the idea of a tour EP. Overboard and Down is the result; the title taken from a lyric in the song "O' Dana" by Big Star, which they cover on the EP. Pitchfork has already handled the fine-tooth review portion of Overboard and Down, but besides "The President's Dead" -- which I'd already previously heard before the EP -- it was the live take of "Westfall" that really blew me away. Having never seen Okkervil River live, I was in awe of powerful and engaging they sounded, and what was previously a song that I had always felt pretty lukewarm about, is now probably my favorite Okkervil River track. Listen to it for yourself:

[MP3]: Okkervil River :: Westfall (live) (Highly Recommended!!!)
If I wasn't already ridiculously excited to see them on the 16th, this song has augmented that ten-fold. The first thing I immediately noticed is Will's ability to go from witty and joking to completely serious and brilliant in a matter of seconds, which is noted by his dialogue at the beginning of the recording as compared to the raspy shoucals (shout+vocals, clever, I know) in the close of the song, you can practically picture the spit flying from his lips. What shortly follows is wave of layered guitars, organ, and pounding drums beating the song into submission. I could only imagine that Will and friends would emerge from the rubble grinning from ear to ear just as they were before they began.

BONUS [MP3]: Okkervil River :: The President's Dead (Highly Recommended!!!)

Buy Overboard and Down from Inertia Music for like, ten bucks

As I alluded to above, Okkervil River are currently touring the US. I've missed them twice before, but I'll finally be catching them this time around. I would highly advise against making the same mistakes I did, so if they're coming near you, make sure you get your butt out there.

The Dates:
10/09/06 Ann Arbor, MI - Blind Pig w/ Elvis Perkins
10/11/06 Columbus, OH - Little Brother's w/ Elvis Perkins
10/12/06 Buffalo, NY - Soundlab w/ Elvis Perkins
10/13/06 Northampton, MA - Iron Horse Music Hall w/ Elvis Perkins
10/14/06 New York City, NY - Bowery Ballroom
10/15/06 New York City, NY - Bowery Ballroom
10/16/06 Baltimore, MD - Ottobar w/ Elvis Perkins
10/18/06 Durham, NC - Duke Coffeehouse w/ Elvis Perkins
10/19/06 Athens, GA - Caledonia Lounge w/ Elvis Perkins
10/20/06 Asheville, NC - The Grey Eagle w/ Elvis Perkins
10/21/06 Memphis, TN - Hi-Tone w/ Elvis Perkins
10/22/06 Houston, TX - Numbers w/ Oakley Hall + Jenny Lewis
11/02/06 Athens, Greece - AN Club
11/03/06 Bergamo, Italy - Zero
11/04/06 Bologna, Italy - Covo
11/05/06 San Elpidio, Italy - Teatro Ciccone
11/07/06 Ravenna, Italy - Bronson
11/08/06 Verbania, Italy - Perche No
11/09/06 Grenoble, France - Eve
11/11/06 Castellon, Spain - Tanned Tin Festival

Okkervil River on MySpace
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Thursday, October 05, 2006

STAR: "Switchblade Heart"

STAR... they're from Chicago...

I was going through the my pages upon pages of friend requests on MySpace today (all bands, real people don't want to be my friend*) and after a disappointing run of terrible music I came upon Chicago's STAR. Lucky for them, I had just been listening to My Bloody Valentine's Loveless so I was just in the mood for their music, which turned out to be very Loveless-esque. I suppose STAR isn't really doing anything new here, but nonetheless, I'm having trouble finding any fault in it. We've heard it before, the soft, dreamy vocals, the ringing drone of guitar distortion, however they do it all so well that we can let them slide on the originality end. Check out this track and see if you don't agree. One final note: Why aren't any labels jumping all over these guys??

[MP3]: STAR :: Switchblade Heart (Highly Recommended!)
Though the title suggests that you're about to listen to a heavy metal song, it's very far from it, practically the opposite. "Switchblade Heart" falls into the same category as, say, perhaps MBV's "Sometimes" in that these are songs built almost solely out of heavy guitar distortion, and yet, they posess a beauty similar to a soft lullaby. Though much of the songs strength comes from it's gorgeous instrumental textures, Shannon Roberts' gentle, breathy vocals are no less responsible for it's dream-like atmosphere.

Visit their MySpace page for information on how to purchase a CD.

* Of course, bands are REAL people too...
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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Chilly Fall Mixtape Project: Three and Four

Fall is really cool. When your Ezarchive suspension is lifted.

Well after a couple days out of kinda being "out of power" here, our hosting service is finally back in order. All MP3 links are now functional again, however all .ZIP files will be taken down until further notice because of bandwidth issues. I'll keep you guys updated on that. Anyway, now that we can host MP3s again, it's time to get back into the Chilly Fall Mixtape Project. Let's not waste anymore time, here we go.

3. [MP3]: Saturday Looks Good To Me :: Since You Stole My Heart
For me, Fall, more so than any other, is the season of love. In the interest of not drifting into sappy territory I'll leave it that, but I feel it must be said that this song always makes me feel really warm and fuzzy inside, which is starnge considering the message of the song: "Somebody told me that everyone’s lonely / But I was the only fool there waiting / Down by the ocean / With my heart half the way broken." Nothing better than feeling warm and fuzzy in the Fall, and it's even better when there's someone else making you feel that way.

4. [MP3]: Jens Lekman :: Maple Leaves (7" Version)
I hate a long debate inside my head as to whether this song appealed to me as a Summer song or a Fall song. It has the energy of what could be a pretty great Summer song, but there's one distinguishable part of the song that solidifies it as a Fall song. At around the two minute mark the song changes pace and it come what sounds like possibly like a tambourine, but more along the lines of sleigh bells and it's at that point what I make a connection with this song and cold weather. Sleigh bells sound more like Winter, you say? Shut up, this is a Fall mixtape.

Saturday Looks Good To Me on MySpace
Jens Lekman on MySpace
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The Crabapples: "London Belongs To Me, Pt. 2"

The Crabapples featured members of The Frenchmen and Black Tambourine, play(ed) rough, melodic pop reminiscent of earlier west coast crash-poppers Boyracer, and really, that's all I know about them. However, their brief explosion on the Bay Area scene just a few years back must've clearly made an impression because Slumberland Records has now finally released their Crabapples For Change EP, "an ideal keepsake of The Crabapples effervescent charms." The pretty little 7" record comes on cool blue vinyl in hand-stamped sleves. Check out a great track from the EP below.

[MP3]: The Crabapples :: London Belongs To Me, Pt. 2 (omg hot track!)
If you're not ready for this song, you might just miss it. It almost feels like even before each verse has ended they already can't want to jump right into the next one, which is a characteristic that suits their reckless jangling abandon quite well. About halfway through they throw in the handclaps and if you're still not dancing by then, then you can just get out.

Buy the Crabapples For Change 7" from Slumberland Records for $3.50!
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Music For One Apartment And Six Drummers

This is easily one of the coolest things I've seen in a while. I'd have to say the bathroom section is probably my favorite, with the hairspray in the bedroom coming in at a close second. Watch this, and then download the song below it that has nothing at all to do with the video.

[MP3]: Rocketship :: I'm Lost Without You Here (Fantastically Recommended!)
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Monday, October 02, 2006

The Futureheads Cancel Upcoming October Shows

The Futureheads

Unfortunately it seems that the entirety of The Futureheads upcoming U.S. tour has been cancelled due to tendonitis in Barry's left wrist as said in this press release from the band:

It is with great sadness that I must tell you we have had to cancel our forthcoming US Tour, due to the development of Tendonitis in Barry's left wrist. He has been advised to rest and, as far as we can see, there is no way of us being able to make those shows work, given the state of his wrist. We are all deeply disappointed at having to pull the shows at such a latestage, but there is no way around it for us. Apologies to the people with tickets - we promise to get out to the US at the next available opportunity. The UK tour will not be affected by this given that there are some monthsprogress toward recovery, and only rest will enable that. Thanks for your understanding”
Ross Millard (The Futureheads)

We here at Skatterbrain wish Barry a speedy recovery and look forward to rescheduled dates! Keep your eyes peeled for updates here concerning the rescheduled dates.

[MP3]: The Futureheads :: Skip to the End

The Futureheads on MySpace
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We've hit a big pothole in the big blogger highway

Potholey Moley!

Our MP3 hosting service, EzArchive, informed us today that our account was being suspended due to an excessive amount of bandwidth transfer that was in-turn having an effect on the rest of their clients accounts. It is not likely that they will have us back up anytime soon, so it looks like we'll be looking for a new hosting service. For the time being, it looks like none of the MP3 or .ZIP links on the site will be working. I will post an update once I get a little more information as to what my next move will be. Thanks for reading, and I'm sorry for the inconvenience.

Might I suggest checking out some of the fine blogs in my sidebar while you wait for things to come back to life around here.

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