Wednesday, July 29, 2009

New Clientele LP!!!

New Clientele LP due October 6th on Merge! YES! I can't wait to hear these new songs. Not to mention that that cover might already be one of my favorites of all time. It's stunning! After hearing the album lead-off track "I Wonder Who We Are" – which you can hear HERE – I have a very good feeling that this record is going to make Fall even better than it normally is. The tracklist for Bonfires of the Heath is as follows:

1 I Wonder Who We Are
2 Bonfires on the Heath
3 Harvest Time
4 Never Anyone But You
5 Jennifer & Julia
6 Sketch
7 Tonight
8 Share the Night
9 I Know I'll See Your Face
10 Never Saw Them Before
11 Graven Wood
12 Walking In The Park

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Speaking of Rose...

...who else is pretty excited for Rose Melberg's Homemade Ship in September?!

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Rose Elinor Dougall "Start/Stop/Synchro" Video!

Rose's new single on Elefant is pretty great, in my opinion. I've been watching the video for a-side "Start/Stop/Synchro" a lot lately and I think I've really fallen in love with the song.

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Monday, July 20, 2009

NunParty/Airport of Love on Phoning It In!

Alyssa and Andy

Alyssa and Andy were on Phoning It In with Nadav about a week or so ago and it's up now for everyone to hear! They sound pretty nervous, but it's very charming and the songs sound great! Here's what Nadav said: "Upbeat and bittersweet pop songs recalling the best of the Softies or Velocity Girl, played acoustic in the bathroom for maximum natural reverb. Short and sweet, slanted and perfect." Couldn't agree more. If you havent ordered NunParty's CD or Airport of Love's casette, you should do so HERE!

Listen to NunParty/Airport of Love on Phoning It In!

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Tuesday, July 14, 2009


A few things, quickly, on what will hopefully be a lovely Tuesday.

First, to celebrate their appearance at Indietracks later this month, The Pete Green Corporate Juggernaut have released their wonderful track "Hey Dr. Beeching" as an MP3 download HERE!

"The song features not only yer obligatory train noises and onomatopoeic drums but also samples of the notorious Dr Beeching himself, speaking in 1963 about his disastrous plans to 'reshape' Britain's railway network (which basically meant closing huge sections of it down). The narrator of the song travels back in time on a magic steam train to assassinate Beeching, saving hundreds of stations and thousands of miles of track, for the pleasure and convenience of travellers back in the 21st century.

It's free to download the song but we're asking everyone who does to consider making a small donation to the Lincolnshire Wolds Railway – a small heritage line near where Pete grew up, on a section of the former main line closed as a result of the Beeching report."

Secondly, I've been way into Spectrals for the past several days! Reverb, reverb, more reverb, and some fantastic surfy, 60s-inspired pop melodies. They, not so surprisingly, have a single slated for release on Captured Tracks later this year. Listen to "Leave Me Be" and fall in love.

[MP3]: Spectrals :: Leave Me Be

Thirdly, Maribel's Aesthetics is quickly becoming one of my very, very favorite records of the year. They sound just like Medicine to me and that is just totally fine! I just stumbled onto this video for "Taste the Trash" today. So so so good.

Okay, I think that's all for now.

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Thursday, July 09, 2009

A monthly mix: July!

Photo of kids by .Dianna. on flickr.

It's new mix time! I'm a few days late on this one, but hopefully you'll forgive me. The last couple weeks I've been in a bit of shoegaze listening mood, so I decided to make the July's mix a shoegaze fest! While my shoegaze interests tend to lie more on the noisier side than the ethereal, ambient side, you'll still find few shimmering, dreamy tracks peppered into the mix. Everywhere else however you'll be hearing lots of fuzz and lots of feedback, but above all, I wouldn't have picked any of these songs if it weren't for their perfect melodies. So, enjoy! As always, the mix are tagged as a compilation, with artwork and proper track order, so it should be pretty easy for you to handle.


01. Medicine :: A Short Happy Life
02. Swirlies :: Pancake
03. Maribel :: Ecstatic
04. My Bloody Valentine :: Off Your Face
05. The Charlottes :: Beautify
06. Pale Saints :: She Rides The Waves
07. Difference Engine :: Simon's Day
08. Skywave :: Nothing
09. Dreamtiger :: Fragile Girl
10. Surefire Broadcast :: Stars Hang Bright
11. Lilys :: Claire Hates Me
12. The Nightblooms :: One Weak Moment
13. Slowdive :: Beach Song
14. Honeybreath :: Overcoat

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Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Grass Widow

Grass Widow

Hannah, Raven, and Lillian are Grass Widow – a fantastic pop group from San Francisco! They recently released their debut 12" LP on Make A Mess Records and it's totally rad and full of fast girl-girl-girl pop songs. In a time flooded with this type of stuff, Grass Widow seem to stand out for me, and I reckon it's their knack for vocal melodies and the occasional, yet wonderful, horns on the record that just ease it up to a higher level. Nonetheless, "To Where" is a killer pop song with vocal melodies dancing all over each other and it's just perfect music to my ears. The record has been sold out since June, but you might be able to get ahold of one from the band themselves. Their 7" on Cape Shok/Captured Tracks should be out soon, too, I think.

[MP3]: Grass Widow :: To Where (Highly Recommended!!!)

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Wednesday, July 01, 2009

The Accents: "A Hundred Wailin' Cats"

The amount of fun contained in this song is unbelievable.

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New Summer Cats: "Hey You, It's Me (Oh My)"

Songs For Tuesdays' blinding cover artwork.

Summer Cats' debut LP, Songs For Tuesdays, will finally be out on Slumberland Records come July 14th! – just two weeks away! Before hearing even a note of the record I'd decided it would probably be one of my favorite records of the year, and now, since hearing the new song "Hey You, It's Me (Oh My)" I'm almost sure of it! Not only will it be full of fantastic fuzzy pop songs, but it's sporting some of the most brilliantly colorful cover art I've ever laid eyes on. Sure wouldn't expect a song like this to lie inside that cover would you?! We can play tennis til the sun goes down. "Hey You, It's Me (Oh My)" is just another perfect summer pop song from a band with a million of them.

[MP3]: Summer Cats :: Hey You, It's Me (Oh My) (So many recommended!)

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