Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Raveonettes on Live Daily

Sune Rose Wagnor and the lovely Sharin Foo

More Raveonettes!!! Sune and Sharin recently recorded a small session for LiveDaily at their LA studio. The two of them played some excellent acoustic versions of a few songs from Lust Lust Lust; including: "Dead Sound," "Aly, Walk With Me," and "Lust." I posted a video of them playing an acoustic "Dead Sound" for the Black Cab Sessions, but this one is far better because they're actually both playing this time around.

You can watch all three of the videos HERE!

The Raveonettes on MySpace

ALSO: The Manhattan Love Suicides have a new song streaming on their MySpace right now!!!! It's called "Heat and Panic" and it'll be on their upcoming "Clusterfuck" EP, due out on Squirrel Records in the UK sometime soon. If you happen to be in the UK, you're a very lucky person, because the MLS have a bunch of shows coming up with The Pains of Being Pure at Heart! Please go for me.

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The Winter Club

The Winter Club are my new pop obsession. The Winter Club is three Brighton girls making pretty much perfect pop songs full of alternating vocals and the occasional harmonies and handclaps. It all comes out sounding somewhere between The Cannanes and The Crystals... yeah. ANYWAY. I've listened to "The Big Trip" and "Do You Like To Dance?" about a million times on their MySpace tonight, and I just cant get it out of my head. All the songs are fantastic though, you really must listen to them!

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Monday, January 28, 2008

"Why Don't You Spare A Minute Of Your Precious Time,

and if there's nothing in it; I don't mind." It's only been about four days of constant repetitive listening, but I feel like I can confidently say that I could listen to this song forever. The song is song called "Confession" by a band called The Anyways – a band that I'll never be able to thank Chris – from Heaven Is Above Your Head (and the late great The Rain Fell Down) – enough for introducing me to. Their song "Silver" appeared on the first Sound of Leamington Spa comp, but "Confession" – their very first single, released on Notown Records in 1987 – is easily their best, and one of indiepop's best ever, for sure. Please be aware that once you hear it, you're not going to want to listen to anything else for days. A few members, along with Angus from the Razorcuts, even went on to form a band called The Relationships and they're still playing and recording today!

[MP3]: The Anyways :: Confession (Very Highly Recommennnnnnnnded!)

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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Everyday We Pray For Lost and Lonely Souls

I stumbled onto The Cameos MySpace page earlier tonight and I guess I didn't really pay too close attention to the list of songs, because about 20 seconds later, I found myself shouting under my breath "Oh shit Testament!" I looked and indeed they've got up a cover of The Wake's "Testament" – quite possibly their best song ever. It's just not the same without that bassline (you KNOW the bassline), but The Cameos cover is quite good in it's own right. It's awfully haunting and heavily-reverbed, with just a buried acoustic guitar to keep things moving along. I highly recommend you go check it out, especially if you're a fan of the original. While you're there you should also listen to the rest of the songs they've got up. I think my favorite has to be "Shine."

The Cameos on MySpace

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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

All I Ever Wanted Was A Happy Happy Heart


You might recognize the title of this post from the current "subtitle" of this blog, which can probably be seen right up there at the top of your browser window! Well, as some of you may be aware of, that line comes from the song "Popkids of the World Unite!" by Horowitz – surely one of the finest pop songs of the past year. The song appeared on the band's Tracyanne single on Cloudberry in early 2007, which has long been sold out. So, the band have decided to reissue "Tracyanne" b/w "Popkids of the World Unite!" (the two best songs from the Cloudberry single) on a nice thick slab of transparent yellow 7" vinyl! You should probably make very sure that you own this immediately, because Horowitz are amazing amazing amazing! And, yknow, since they are so amazing, if you're just not into 7" records you can just download both songs on their MySpace. However, if you do like 7" records, then their MySpace is also where you want to be, because thats where you can order it! Did I mention there's only 200 of them?

If you never have, now's a good time:
[MP3]: Horowitz :: Popkids of the World Unite (Most Surely Recommended!)

Horowitz have also just put together a virtual box set available for download, through Thee SPC. Apart from I Need a Blanket and It's Better To Eat Twinkies...(both from the Frosty Cat Songs LP) there is Animal Soup from the sold out Cloudberry single. There's also the video for "Blanket", which is completely fantastic, virtual badges, a postcard and an online Humbug Special zine, containing interviews by Kieron from In Love With These Times and Roque from Cloudberry Records. And it's all FREE!!

You can get it all HERE!

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Monday, January 21, 2008

Days: "Downhill"

I found this video tonight and I'd never seen it before, and it's so so wonderful! I first mentioned my love for Days almost a year ago today, and their 7" is STILL "Coming Soon" on Shelflife. I do believe we will actually be seeing it soon though – i hope! Anyway, "Downhill" is fantastic song, and this video is brilliant, so... watch it!

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Panda Riot

Chicago's wonderful, though oddly named, Panda Riot!

I've seen Panda Riot around on the interwebs for quite some time now, but to be quite honest, I'd never checked them out until just recently because, well, their name doesn't exactly scream really beautiful shoegaze pop. But another lesson learned about judging a book by it's cover, because I'm now completely obsessed with Panda Riot's new-ish record She Dares All Things. Panda Riot takes all the best things I love about MBV's Loveless and Slowdive's Souvlaki and molds and shapes those particular things into dreamy and dancey, yet occasionally roaring, pop songs. A large portion of She Dares All Things sounds like a buffet of varied interpretations of the Loveless closer "Soon" and, being that that song makes me brilliantly happy everytime I hear it, I think that's why I love this record so much. The particularly "Soon"-ish song "She Dares All Things" is probably my favorite right now, but I'm also pretty in love with "Like Flowers At Night." The whole record is pretty outstanding though, definitely best shoegaze I've heard since, oh, well, I don't know I guess. I walked around the city all day today with this on and I can now guarantee that it is very good music for walking around on a slightly snowy and VERY cold day. It's also a good thing to remember that banks and libraries are not open on Martin Luther King Day before you walk two miles to get to them...

[MP3]: Panda Riot :: She Dares All Things (Very Berry Recommended!)
[MP3]: Panda Riot :: Like Flowers At Night (Very Cherry Recommended!)

You can buy the album from them, here!
Panda Riot on MySpace!

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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Singapore Sling

Iceland's Singapore Sling

Wow! Hello new obsession! Magnusk wrote up a post about Singapore Sling on IndieMP3 about a week ago, and then I saw that The Pobpahs were playing with them in Iceland in March, and at that point I knew I had to investigate. So, investigate I did, and I have to say, Singapore Sling are amazing. AMAZING. The band's 2003 record, The Curse of Singapore Sling is a heavily JAMC-influenced treat! There's tracks beautifully drenched in fuzz, feedback and distortion like "Overdriver", but then there's fantastic little tambourine-filled pop songs like "Summer Garden" peppered about, too! It's a perfect record in my eyes... have a listen!

[MP3]: Singapore Sling :: Overdriver (Highly Recommended!!)
[MP3]: Singapore Sling :: Summer Garden (Highly Recommended!!)

Check em out on MySpace to hear some more song!

Oh, and, um. :)

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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Sunny Summer Day: "Emma's House" (Field Mice cover)

I found this earlier tonight – this morning, I suppose – and I loved it so much that I just had to share it. Looks like Roque Cloudberry put it on YouTube back in September... don't know how it's taken me this long to find it! Anyway, Sunny Summer Day are a fantastic band from Indonesia and this cover is excellent!

They also put out a nice EP on Cloudberry Records earlier this year, which I believe is still available if you find yourself interested!

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Bye! (exclamation mark included) is the new musical thing from Archie Moore formerly of Velocity Girl, Black Tambourine, The Saturday People, Heartworms, and Lilys – basically all of the best bands to ever be within the same state as me, and almost half of Slumberland's back catalog, heh. It's only fitting then that Mike chose to include Archie's Bye! in the upcoming Slumberland split 7" series, Searching For The Now. Bye! will be on 7" #2 in the series, sharing a record with the fantastic Happy Couple. Bye now you should probably be under the assumption that Bye! is awesome – and you would be right – as long as the tracks streaming on Bye!'s MySpace right now are any indication. Make sure you listen to "Everything Is Okay" and "Oh No Baby Don't", they're my favs. "Everything Is Okay" recalls the noisy shoegaze of Archie's previous band The Lilys, while "Oh No Baby Don't" is a more 60s pop influenced, even SLGTM-esque song. For what it's worth, I Listened to "Oh No Baby Don't" at least 15 times on repeat the first time I heard it. OH YEAH, and Pam Berry on backups. Archie has most definitely NOT lost his touch.

Listen to Bye! on MySpace

Future installments of the Searching For The Now series will include: A Sunny Day in Glasgow, Public Record, Summer Cats, The Pains of Being Pure At Heart, Brown Recluse Sings, Liechtenstein, Boyracer, The Faintest Ideas, Sunny Street, Pipas, In Interview, Strange Idols, Mytty Archer and many, many more.


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The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart: UK Tour Extravaganza

The Pains of Being Pure at Heart

The wonderful Pains of Being Pure at Heart will be heading over to England for a small stint of a tour with best pals The Manhattan Love Suicides, as well as a few shows with The Parallelograms. I would die to be at every single show of this tour, so if you have an opportunity to go, you had better go!

2.23.08: The Betsey Trotwood (Downstairs) w/ Pocketbooks, Parallelograms, Pete Green - London
2.24.08: Red House: Atomic Beat Presents w/ The Parallelograms, Pete Green - Sheffield, UK
2.25.08: Rescue Room: w/ Manhattan Love Suicides - Nottingham, UK
2.26.08: The Glebe: w/ Manhattan Love Suicides - Stoke, UK
2.27.08: The Royal Park: w/ Manhattan Love Suicides - Leeds, UK
2.29.08: Lostmusic Presents @ Buffalo Bar w/ Manhattan Love Suicides - London, UK
3.01.07: The Organ: w/Singapore Sling -Reykavik, Iceland

[MP3]: The Pains of Being Pure at Heart :: Come Saturday (Highest Rec!)

The Pains on MySpace!

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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Q&A with The Airfields!

Questions and Answers with The Airfields

I'm going to try to start doing little interviews (though this one is quite extensive!) here more often, because they're fun and fun things almost always tend to be good – and fun. To get the ball rolling, who better to interview than my favorite Canadian popgazers, The Airfields! More or less coincidentally, they also happen to be releasing their first LP, Up All Night, very soon – February 5th, infact – on Humblebee Recordings. I can personally vouch for it being excellent in every possible way. Now here's some questions, and some answers to those questions. I hope you enjoy it!

For reference, The Airfields are:
David Lush: Vox Phantoming and writing and singing
Ian Jackson: Jazzmastering, as well as Telecastering
Ali Sunderji: Bass guitaring designer
Jakob Thiesen: Drumming and beat-keeping, as well as bee-keeping
Sheila Sampath: Farfisa, synthing, bells, whistles, the kitchen sink

Could you possibly explain how The Airfields eventually became The Airfields?

David: We had our first show in the summer of 2004, but Ian and I had met two summers previously and got together now and again to talk about music, trade song ideas, and generally bitch about growing up in Mississauga (our home town – the name “The Airfields” refers to the fact that I used to live very close to the airport when i was about five or six and i could watch the airplanes take off from my bedroom window). It took us a long time to find the nerve to form a band. When we finally did get started, I was living in a place in Toronto with a massive concrete basement and a shoddy p.a. system which was perfect for rehearsing and a lot of friends of ours, who’ve belonged to the Airfields at some point or other (there are too many to mention here), started bands in that basement too. I only wanted to play ten shows, record something, and then call it a day. But, somehow the first EP turned out well and people came and went and then we made a second EP – which was saved in the studio by Jakob, who is a real cowboy behind the controls (and the drums too).

Jakob: I met David doing shoddy, feedback-y live sound for another band he played in. We chatted and discovered our mutual love for guitar abuse, then when The Airfields lost their drummer mid-first EP (during the session I was recording) I was recruited... I think their last drummer was better though, but fistfights and drug use at the studio grew tiresome – especially during the glockenspiel overdubs.

David: Ian and I met Sheila a long time ago at a Toronto indie-pop night called “The Stolen Wine Social” and she was even the dj once for a show we did just before she joined the band. I think Sheila saw us open for The Clientele in 2005 and then her first show with us was when we opened for The Wedding Present – I thought she’d have been falling to pieces with nervousness (like me), but she was excellent! Ali is someone I met for the first time after watching him rip it up on bass with his old band and i thought to myself, “Who the fuck is that? look at him go!” I’m just glad he’s on our side these days…

The new record is fantastic, are you pretty happy with how it turned out? Do you have a favorite song?

David: I’m astonished that it happened at all. If it sounds any good, it’s got a lot to do with the fact that our friend Mark Thibideau and his brother Matt went to great lengths to mix it at their home studio, RepairLab, which is probably better outfitted than most ‘professional’ studios.

Jakob: Yeah, Dale Morningstar (tracking) rocked the analog tape hard, Mark and Matt hit the reverb and eventide harmonizer with aplomb, and Jon (mastering) tied it into a neat little bow. If I had to do it again, I'd do it just the same, I think we did the best we could! We all worked really hard on it. I can't wait to start the next one.

David: If I had to name a favourite song, for personal reasons, I'd say ‘Icing Sugar’ – is the best of the bunch, but I’m really proud of how the rest of the band played on ‘Happy & Safe’ – that song is HARD to play.

Sheila: The album was difficult to make, but it really made me realise how talented our friends are. Mark and Matt were amazing, and Dale Morningstar and Jon Drew (mastering) were also really fun to work with. My favourite songs before hearing the finished album were 'Icing Sugar' and 'Love Tariffs,' but after hearing the mixes, I'd have to say 'Happy & Safe'. As an aside, I think that 'Happy & Safe' was the song that we wrote the most organically, and it's really special to me, because it's really reflective of us as individuals in a band.

Ian: I’m really happy with how it turned out. It was a long time in the making and I’m very proud of what we created. As for a favourite song, it changes all the time. Currently ‘Love Tariffs’ I really love cause it turned out so warm and fuzzy and thumping, and ‘The End of the Evening’ cause it really captures the mood we strived for in recording it – and we did record it at the end of a wonderful evening, too.

Ali: I'd say I'm very happy with the finished record. I'd be hard pressed to pick a favorite song though. Recording on Toronto Island was fantastic though! We got awfully smashed with the island lighthouse keeper after one full day of recording and went swimming in the nice part of Lake Ontario. I'd say it ranks as one of my most cherished memories. Also, Mark and Matt Thibideau are synthesizer wizards who can shoot rainbows out of their Prophet 5, I can't thank them enough for the work they put into this project. I think Dale Morningstar is my third favorite person in the universe.

[MP3]: The Airfields :: Never See You Smile (Super Highly Rec'd!)

Are you guys planning on playing anymore shows in the U.S. either before or after Pop Mayhem in Florida in May? Any other plans?

Jakob: We plan on opening up the Obama conventions as they traverse the states - he is cool beans.

David: We’d love to play the 2008 NYC Popfest in June, but we’ll see… it’s not really up to us. There’s also some plans to play the New England Popfest in November. I’d like for us to skip down to Philadelphia to visit our friend (and label-mate!) Ari from Wax & Wane, or perhaps Baltimore (his home town) which has a good music scene I hear… [The Baltimore music scene is pretty great, but I think it could use a bit more P!O!P]

What's your live show like?

Ian: Good.

David: Like a chainsaw through sheet metal! Okay, not really…, but Ali is a menace on bass and Sheila and Ian hop around a lot.

Sheila: Loud. Occasionally destructive.

Jakob: Brief fits of sadness and anger and lust, interspersed with uncomfortable silent pauses and fidgeting with guitar tuning pegs.

Why is the vox phantom so awesome?
Ali: Just look at how cool it looks!

David: It has a tremolo arm, so you can bend all 12-strings. I guess it attracts attention too – someone always taps me on the shoulder after we play to ask about it. One time, a famous local musician even offered to buy it off me while we were riding the bus! I said, “no way." Ian has a 60s, Italian-made Eko 12-string guitar that shall one day eclipse the Phantom. I can only hope that it makes a reappearance!

Ian: Yeah, I love my Eko, but it’s got issues. Mostly with all the capoed tunings we use.

I know it's silly to ask, but what would you consider your biggest influences?

David: Czech Pilsner in Summer, red wine in Winter.

Sheila: I'm with David on the red wine. Also: small places.

Ali: The Communist Daughter is a lovely bar round the corner from my apartment…

What have you been listening to lately?

Sheila: The past week: Carsick Cars (loud, from Beijing), Suburban Kids with Biblical Names (Sweden), Inspiral Carpets (Manchester nostalgia), The Weakerthans (Winnipeg love), The Paper Cranes (total band-crush, and Unfamiliar label-mates), and Patsy Cline (for good measure). I also saw A Place to Bury Strangers a few week ago with David and they blew me away.

David: My Moscow Olympics ‘Still’ 7” just came in the mail yesterday - only 98 Swedish Kroner! and there’s a Baltimore band that used to be called Monarch but now they’ve changed their name to Wye Oak; they have a record called If Children – it’s good. Also, if you ever liked Skywave, the new A Place to Bury Strangers continues where that band left off – saw them just two weeks ago and it was just the right kind of deafening.

Ali: I'd agree with David on the Moscow Olympics 7" [as would I!] - arguably one of the finer singles I've heard all year, and the b-side is fantastic. Otherwise, I think the not-so-recent Love Dance record and the-more-recent Bridal Shop records are fantastic. Also, I'd say that The Radio Dept. is an old favorite, perfect for drab Canadian winters.

David: “Therese” by the Bodines is also on every mixtape Ali’s ever made.

Ian: Richard Hawley’s new record Lady’s Bridge has rekindled my ever-growing Hawley obsession. Also Donovan’s Hurdy Gurdy Man for some bizarre reason.

Jakob: Kompakt Pop Ambient 2008 compilation, Deepchord "Grandbend."

what is your favorite record ever? Favorite bands?

Ian: Impossible. I can’t really pick just one record or band. – except maybe Boyracer’s boyfuckingracer.

David: A tie between Ecstacy & Wine by My Bloody Valentine and Here Comes Everybody by The Wake.

Ali: I couldn't tell you… New Order's Low Life maybe?

Jakob: Model 500's Sonic Sunset or The Cure's Disintegration = guilty pleasures.

Sheila: I spent about 20 minutes trying to decide on an answer, but think it's better not to respond at all...

What is your favorite record cover art ever?

David: Wire’s Map Ref 7” single.

Sheila: Off the top of my head, The Weakerthans' Reconstruction Site artwork (Illustrations by Marcel Dzama).

Ian: The entire package for Sheet One by Plastikman is as ingenious as it is hilarious and Siamese Dream by Smashing Pumpkins would have to be up there for sheer nostalgia.

Ali: I'd say The Germs' record MIA.

What is the best song The Cat's Miaow ever wrote?

David: "Not Like I Was Doing Anything’ is just right (both versions), but all of their songs are kinda perfect.

Ian: Every song they ever made. I’m a bit biased.

[Buzz! I'm sorry, the correct answer was "Hollow Inside" – but thanks for playing, folks.]

Do you like snow?

Jakob: Yup!

Sheila: Only before it hits the ground.

David: Not after Christmas and definitely not before Halloween.

Ian: Yeah, but the freezing cold that comes with the season kinda taints it for me.

Ali: Absolutely not!

Oh and also, will Up All Night be cd only or will there be vinyl?

David: February 5th is the release date. It’ll be out on cd with Humblebee Recordings – please visit their website if you like. I’d love it if we could do a limited vinyl pressing like we did for the Laneways EP, but we’ll see. I know that we’re planning to release “Never See You Smile” (on Unfamiliar Records) later this year as a 7” or possibly as a 10” EP with some other stuff, but we still have work to finish before then. A Field Mice cover maybe? [Yessssss!!!]

A huge thank you to The Airfields for humouring my silly questions! Make sure you pick up Up All Night in February, it's sure to be one of the finer records of the year!

The Airfields on MySpace

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Thursday, January 10, 2008

I think he's good at friends, I think he has got the knack

The Deirdres are the cutest!

As you may recall, The Deidres' Dinosaurs That Can Swim EP was one of my favorite Cloudberry releases of the last year. I just love it, the seven of them make some of funnest indiepop out there right now. Bubbly keyboards, bells, 3+ person vocal harmonies! – it's all very great stuff! Anyway, they've just put up a new song streaming on their MySpace today called "Ball In A Cup." After just a few listens, I'm already in love with it; make sure you go check it out!

Go listen to "Ball In A Cup"!


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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

The Field Mice: Peel Session

I've had a few a requests for this recently, so I thought I'd go ahead and post it up here. This would be the the only session The Field Mice would ever do for Peel and it aired April 23, 1990. This Peel session is special because it's the only recorded evidence of these songs, some of which are some of my favorite Field Mice songs ever; "Annoint" in particular. So, if you don't already have this, it is most definitely worth having.

01. [MP3]: Annoint
02. [MP3]: Sundial
03. [MP3]: Fresh Surroundings
04. [MP3]: By Degrees

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Monday, January 07, 2008

Two and Zero and Zero and Eight and Stuff

Cloud photo courtesy of BethAnne (purpleurple41) on Flickr.

It felt like time for a new mix this past weekend, so amidst the several other overdue mixtapes I'm trying to finish for friends right, I managed to get this one together. I think it's quite good, and there's more than a few real gems in here. As you might have assumed from the title – a wee reference to Avocado Baby :) – these are all songs that I've been particularly obsessed with for the past couple of weeks. Some are new (Crushed Stars, Crystal Stilts), some are older (everything else), some are Pam Berry (Veronica Lake), and some are excellent french covers (Po!). I hope you enjoy it! I find it's best for relaxing, staring up at a sky much like the one on the cover.

DOWNLOAD IT! As always, this mix is lovingly tagged as a compilation, complete with the cover art seen just up above.

[ZIP]: Two and Zero and Zero and Eight and Stuff (68mb, 10 MP3s)

01. The Mayfields :: Feels Like Yesterday
02. Po! :: Joybang! (Cudgels cover)
03. The Cannanes :: Passionfruit
04. Hydroplane :: Song For The Meek
05. Crystal Stilts :: Crippled Croon
06. The Summer Hits :: Spanish Film
07. The Darling Buds :: If I Said
08. Crushed Stars :: 16 rpm
09. Veronica Lake :: Threnody
10. Avocado Baby :: It's A Celebration

Have a good Monday and a great week!


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Cloudberry Contest Winners

Drum Roll! Thanks to everyone who entered the Cloudberry contest. Some of you who enetered didn't leave full names or actual names at all, so I'm just going to announce by first name. If you won, you should be receiving an email sometime this week from Roque. Okay, so, the five winners of the Cloudberry contest are:

Nadav (IndieMP3 winner)
David (IndieMP3 winner)
Danny (Skatterbrain winner)
Herbie (Skatterbrain winner)
Apl (Skatterbrain winner)

I wish everyone could've won, but hopefully we'll be doing something like this again sometime, and who knows, maybe you'll win then! We're still in the process of trying to think of a good name for the podcast, but I'm hoping to maybe get the first one out by February! Exciting!

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Sunday, January 06, 2008

The Saddest Song Ever To Be A Song

Okay, so, The Cannanes' "We Drink Bitter" might not be the saddest song ever, but when the vocals come back in at about 1:26 singing (what I believe to be) "Is love a box, or is love a sham?" it's just some of the most heartbreaking stuff my ears have ever heard. It gets me everytime.

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Saturday, January 05, 2008

Cloudberry contest closed

Attention! Attention! The Cloudberry contest is closed now, sorry. The winners will be announced Monday or some time around that time. I hope you all have a super great weekend. Bye!

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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart: "A Teenager In Love"

Peggy, Alex, Kip, and Kurt!

I made the trip up to Philly this past Friday to FINALLY see The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart and to meet up with a few people I've been meaning to meet. The show was beyond excellent and it was lovely to finally get to meet Kip and Peggy, who are super nice. The night eventually turned into a full-blown indiepop dance party! I vote for it to happen again soon. Thanks to Neal for putting the whole thing on!

Okay, anyway, I was talking to Kip and I mentioned that the world needed a recorded version of "A Teenager In Love," as I was tired of hitting "replay" on the YouTube video of it from Athens Popfest. Turns out it had been recently put up on their MySpace, so I downloaded it as soon as I got home and I've listened to it basically nonstop since then. Listen to it and you'll see why. It's super bouncy and dancey and the chorus is so addicting – the melody will be in your head foreverrrrrrrrrrrrr!

[MP3]: The Pains of Being Pure at Heart :: A Teenager In Love (Indescribably Recommended!)

The Pains' split 7" with The Parallelograms (who rule, btw) will be out hopefully soon on the wonderful Atomic Beat Records in the UK then a split on Slumberland sometime in the future, too.

The Pains of Being Pure at Heart on MySpace!

Hope you all had a super great new year!


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