Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Unreleased NMH songs!

Maybe if I visited the E6 Townhall more regularly I would've found this out for myself, but thankfully the other Matt is around or I may have just missed this!

I'm not gonna talk about it, so go to YANP and find out what the big deal is and snag some sweet NMH tunes.
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Thom Yorke is Pissed Off; Bonus MP3

On Monday Thom Yorke posted a message on the Radiohead's blog DEAD AIR SPACE. While it doesn't have anything at all to do with Radiohead, he does make wonderful use of the word F***.

"so the UN are meeting in Montreal to decide what to do after the Kyoto protocol.

and already the US administration has buried its witless head in the fucking sand.

refusing to take part.

you can even see the strings being pulled.

this is a true evil.

and on tv they are talking about the sahara and how global warming will destroy the lives of the millions who live there soon.

oh and the weather man says how weve got caught out by the extreme snowfall. highly unusual.
cue footage of stranded motorists.
but hey itll be nice for kids.
cue taboganning footage.

and business leaders are meeting tony blair tommorrow to express their concern about gas supplies.
fuck business leaders what about the rest of us?

if ever[y] property in the country had solar panels or mini wind turbines, just like it has water supply and a satelltie dish perhaps we wouldnt need new nuclear power stations that we cant afford to please these fucking business leaders.


p.s. please excuse the swearing. im mad."

In the interest of making this post worth posting, here's a little treat.

[MP3]: Radiohead :: Talk Show Host (Remix)
This is a very good remix of one my favorite Radiohead songs and quite possibly the best B-side ever written. I think I still prefer the original, but this version is definitely enjoyable. The original song got a little exposure when it was used in the modern movie remake of Romeo and Juliet. Thom also sounds confidently pissed off in this song, making even more appropriate for this post.
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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Two New Elected Songs!

Image hosted by

As I posted a little while ago, The Elected are set to release their new album Sun, Sun, Sun via SubPop on January 24. Being a side project of Mr. Sennet of Rilo Kiley, you could imagine to expect the sweet pop goodness of Rilo Kiley to shine through, and it does. But this new album is not only different from his work in Rilo Kiley, it even goes in quite a different direction than their 2004 debut, Me First. Here are two of my favorite songs from the new album, enjoy!

[MP3]: Would You Come with Me
This song is the best example of Sun, Sun, Sun's overall theme, which seems to be travel, dislocation, movement, etc. Its a fairly simple acoustic and electric tune with a choir of ooh's in thrown in the mix. It's the first "actual" song on the album and if you like this song, you'll no doubt love the rest of the album.

[MP3]: Biggest Star
Sennet is pushing his band's sound to much greater depths on this song, mixing organs and strings with a touch of california classic rock. Sennet has spoke before of being influenced by Neil Young, Tom Waits and others and that influence is no more evident than on this track. A perfect album closer with a huge full band climactic end.

P.S. Just to get you even more excited for the new album... Jenny Lewis and Stacey Dupree(Eisley) both make appearances. Jenny even sings a whole song! If enough of you want to hear the Jenny Lewis track, I might just put it up. Let me know.

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The Attorneys

I dont have much time, but I'm really digging this song by The Attorneys.

OneLouderNYC said,
"With hand claps, straight-up power chords and William Ryan George's distinctive enunciation, The Attorneys' "Talk About it" is an irrefutably catchy classic rock tune."

Recommended for fans of Stellastarr* and the like.

Talk About It

Be their friend.
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Venice Is Sinking

Image hosted by

Athens just seems to have an overwhelming amount of musical talent buried within it's walls. Continuing in this tradition is a band by the name of Venice Is Sinking. Venice Is Sinking is a five piece who have been making music together for quite a while now. Their sound relies heavily on strings and keyboards, resulting in a mix of sometimes dark, sometimes pretty pop music. The band has been compared to such notable artists as the Cure, Galaxie 500, and Low.

In their song "Pulaski Heights" you can sense a little but of all three of those artists, lyrics remiscent of early Cure and a slow droning beautiful melody, much like that of the aformentioned Low. They also have a video of "Pulaski Heights" which you can watch here.

Pulaski Heights

Be their friend(More music on their Myspace page).

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Monday, November 28, 2005

2005: The Best of the Rest

Best of the Rest:

Top 5 Reissues, Compilations, etc... :
5. Mum :: Yesterday Was Dramatic, Today is Ok
4. Manic Street Preachers :: The Holy Bible
3. At the Drive-In :: This Station Is Non-Operational
2. Bloc Party :: Silent Alarm Remixed
1. Mogwai :: Government Comissions: BBC Sessions 96-03

Top 5 EPs of 2005:
5. Okkervil River :: Black Sheep Boy Appendix
4. Bound Stems :: The Logic of Building the Body Plan
3. Explosions in the Sky :: The Rescue
2. Wolf Parade :: Wolf Parade EP
1. Radiohead :: COM LAG (2plus2isfive) ( I just HAD to, ya know?)

Album that didnt come out this year but you should really go buy:
1. Statuesque :: Choir Above Fire Below

The Blogs:

Blog of the Year:
1. You Aint No Picasso

Best Color Scheme:
1. Phony Nowhere

Most Interesting Sidebar:
1. Gorilla Vs. Bear

Best Header:
2. Dreams of Horses

Most Posts About One Band:
2. Gorilla Vs. Bear :: Sufjan Stevens
1. My Old Kentucky Blog :: My Morning Jacket

Best Blog Discovery of the Year:
1. You Aint No Picasso :: The Light Footwork

Best Pictures:
1. Brooklyn Vegan

And... The Award for Best Year of 2005 goes to... 2005!
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Wolf Parade "Shine A Light" Video

This is the official video for Wolf Parade's song "Shine A Light" and well, it's not very good. The video is based around a guy with three extra heads and his daily struggle. His friends make fun of him, people at his job make fun of him and he gets fed up with it and trys to chase away the extra appendages. Instead, the heads just circle around, mocking him until the end where they leave him and work themselves into several different objects including a painting of a woman looking out towards the ship, the Queen Mary.

The video is VERY low budget and while it's worth watching, it's really not-so-great. I expected better from these guys... wait, no I didn't.

Wolf Parade :: Shine A Light
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Sunday, November 27, 2005

SKATTERBRAIN's Top 20 of 2005

It's that time of the year kids. It might not be quite the end of the year yet, but, it's close enough and I'm not drooling over anything that's going to come out in the next month anyway. Feel free to agree or disagree but these are my top 20 albums of 2005. Based on, umm, how much I loved them. So, anyway, here goes.

20. Antony & The Johnsons :: I Am A Bird Now
[MP3]: Hope There's Someone

I originally got this because of the incredible hype surrounding it. Well, the first time i listned to it I absolutely hated it. The about 3 months later i tried it again and fell in love. Its amazing.

19. Thee More Shallows :: More Deep Cuts
[MP3]: 2am

As soon as I heard "2am" I ordered this album. Very Radiohead-ish. Very outstanding.

18. Xiu Xiu :: La Foret
[MP3]: Bog People

17. Clap Your Hands Say Yeah :: S/T
[MP3]: Upon This Tidal Wave of Young Blood

As much as i didnt really want to put this on here, I really did enjoy it. It didn't deserve all the hype it got, but it's still a very solid debut.

16. Blood on the Wall :: Awesomer
[MP3]: Mary Susan

Not typically the type of stuff I listen to, but there's just something about it. It was a breath of fresh angsty air and I liked it.

15. Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin :: Broom
[MP3]: I Am Warm + Powerful

Perfect lo-fi pop. They weren't doing anything new, they just did it really well.

14. Spoon :: Gimme Fiction
[MP3]: I Turn My Camera On

It's good. But you ALL know that.

13. Akron/Family :: Akron/Family

12.M83 :: Before the Dawn Heals Us

I heard this album for the first time only 2 months ago. It stuck quick and it hasnt lost it's stick. This album made me a big M83 fan.

11. Minus Story :: No Rest For Ghosts
[MP3]: Little Wet Head

Heaven and Hell was amazing. This was amazinger. Haha.

10. Architecture In Helsinki :: In Case We Die
[MP3]: It'5

This is one of those albums that is full of singles. Just about every song on this album is as catchy as next. C'mon Australia, send us some more goodies.

9. Calla :: Collisions

I kept waiting for this album to "blow up" or at least some hype, but it never really did. If you havent listened to this album yet, I highly recommend you do(I highly recommend everything on this list, it just seems like a lot of people missed out on this album). Maybe I'm wrong?

8. The Boy Least Likely To :: The Best Party Ever
[MP3]: Be Gentle With Me

I paid $25 for this album and it was totally worth it. Matt from YANP really, really loves this(as he does with most all happy indie pop).

7. Sufjan Stevens :: Illinois
[MP3]: Chicago

Okay so, this is wrong, right? Sufjan should be higher you say? I say no. Illinois is great, really great, but it just never stuck with me like it did with so many other people. However, I think it's worth noting that I have a copy with Superman on it. Eat you hearts out kids.

6. Animal Collective :: Feels
[VIDEO]: Grass

Animal Collective is weird: Good. Animal Collective is catchy: Better. Animal Collective is accesible: Best.

5. The Decemberists :: Picaresque
[MP3]: The Engine Driver

I saw The Decemberists live twice this year and i think that's really what kept this album high up on the list... they just put on such an incredible show. This is definitely their most focused effort as of yet.

4. Okkervil River :: Black Sheep Boy
[MP3]: Black

I got around to hearing this album near the end of Summer and then i got every other Okkervil River album. I fell in love with them really fast and Black Sheep Boy is still in heavy rotation. Although now its rotating alongside the Black Sheep Boy Appendix, which is also amazing. Check that out, too.

3. Sigur Ros :: Takk...
[VIDEO]: Hoppipolla (NEW!)

Sigur Ros managed to remain true to what they do while becoming more accesible at the same time. I've loved Sigur Ros since I first heard Agaetis Byjun and I love them more now than ever.

2. Wolf Parade :: Apologies to the Queen Mary
[MP3]: Shine A Light

I listened to nothing but this album for about two weeks. In my opinion, they deserved every bit of that hype.

1. Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra & Tra-La-La Band :: Horses in the Sky

It's emotional, dramatic, sprawling, infectious, moving, beautiful, ugly, loud, soft, and deeply melodic. I love post-rock as I'll often mention and I've known this was my number one for 2005 the first day i heard it. Do yourself a favor and make it a point to listen to this all the way through at least once. Absolutely Incredible.

Go ahead and tell me what you think. Agree or disagree, I'd like to hear your feedback. 2006 is shaping up to be another great year, there are rumors of a new Godspeed You! Black Emperor album late in this coming year. If this is true, I'll say right now, it's going to be in next years top 3, no question.

As always, thanks for reading.

P.S. My number one phrase of the year is "Notable Quotable." Thank you, We Are Scientists. Thank You.
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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Department of Eagles

Image hosted by

The Department of Eagles is what would happen if Radiohead got together with the Kings of Convienence. However, that comparison really only works for a few of their songs, for the others, we may need a few more different comparisons, and that's why Department of Eagles bugs me. I love their sound, but I have a very difficult time describing it.

"Saling by Night" is the first song i heard, and it made me look into them further. The song sounds something like Pedro the Lion over a fuzzy Postal Service-y beat. The beat keeps the song moving smoothly until it changes up and and a hoard of rising violins brings the song to an end.

You can get their newly released debut full lengh "The Whitey On The Moon UK LP" on Isota Records or Amazon. Isota says this about it, "Adventurous music with pop structure that comes off like a mix of The Notwist, Underworld, Ween, and The Strokes, replete with samples-a-go-go, hip-hop beats, fuzzy guitars, and British accents!? The post-modern Simon and Garfunkel." I mostly agree, but there is a heck of a lot of Radiohead in this album, they probably shoud have menioned that. That being said, with just about a month or so left in the year, this album may even make my top 25.

Sailing by Night (Highly Rec'd)
Noam Chomsky Spring Break 2002
The Horse You Ride

P.S. I'm pretty much in love with the album art.
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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Merge Records Holiday Art Auction

Proving once again that they're some of the nicest guys in the industry, Merge Records is holding a art auction this holiday season. Proceeds from this auction will go to two very worthy charity organizations: Oxfam and The North Carolina Food Bank.

From Wednesday, November 23rd until January 1st, we will be auctioning off, via eBAY, silk-screened posters from artists all over the country signed by many of your favorite Merge bands. The first three posters will go up tomorrow (Nov. 23). Merge will be posting a link on their website to the auction when everything is ready to go, so keep your eyes peeled... or, I'll keep mine peeled and let you know.

So get ready to start your bidding on some one-of-a-kind autographed artwork and help out those less fortunate this holiday season.
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Fresh Cherries From Yakima

Fresh Cherries From Yakima is Douglas Martin, a Seattle based singer/songwriter. FCFY is a band with a revolving cast of characters [i.e. bright eyes, iron & wine] and is pretty much a lo-fi acoustic affair, with very focused emphasis on the lyrics. He just recently finished a FREE ep titled The North Caroline EP that he recorded on his own, mostly in his living room.

The songs that I've heard show obvious influences such as Neutral Milk Hotel and The Decemberists. Douglas Martin is a very promising songwriter and you should definitely check him out.

North Caroline [Suite One] (YSI)
Communist Daughter (NMH Cover) (YSI) Exclusive!

Be his friend. (More songs available on Myspace)
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Monday, November 21, 2005

Morning Spy

Image hosted by

I had my day perfectly planned out. I was going to sit at work and listen to the new Blood on the Wall record all day. It was such a nice simple plan, but one that was so easily foiled by a band called Morning Spy (or more specifically, their song "Princess Vancouver").

Im going to have to make this quick, so here's what their website says, "Morning Spy is a San Francisco-based indie pop band invested in electric guitar textures and fuzzy, yet intricate songwriting. The Silver Age, set for release by KEEP Recordings and the newborn Abandoned Love Records in February 2005, marks the point at which the bands' ambition and insticts intersect their execution. The Silver Age draws from much of the modern history of outsider pop, at times evoking early 70's glitter rock, reverb-drenched dream pop, the lo-fi sentiment, heady soundscapes and occasional bombast. From the crashing arc of "Princess Vancouver" to the peircing guitar solo that closes "Voices & Vigils", The Silver Age is loaded with enough thoughtful excess and swirling artifice to hint at such descriptors as concept album and magnum opus."

Princess Vancouver (Highly Rec'd!!!)
Foggy Filter

Buy The Silver Age from KEEP Recordings.
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Saturday, November 19, 2005

Brand New Xiu Xiu Video!

Xiu Xiu has just released the brand new video for "Pox." I'm assuming this is probably the second single off of La Foret. Now, I dont want to spoil the video for you, but I will say this. This is one of the weirdest, most disturbing videos I have seen in recent memory... and it doesn't even real people!

Xiu Xiu >> Pox (Video)

Also! check out the brand new video for Comet Gain's "The Fists in the Pocket."

Comet Gain >> The Fists in the Pocket (Video)

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Friday, November 18, 2005

MP3 of the Day: Kiss Kiss - "Says My Doctor"

Formed in New York State by college friends Josh Benash (synth, guitar, vocals) and Jared Karns (drums) in the fall of 2003, Kiss Kiss began experimenting with both pop and avant-garde/classical song structures in equal measure. Taking their name from a collection of adult stories full of death and revenge by children’s author Roald Dahl, they recruited whatever musicians they could find, including an electric violinist, to make music that was catchy, challenging, and above all, unique.

I didnt write any of that, but, I do agree with it all.

Kiss Kiss Says My Doctor

Be their friend.
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Win All 10 Live Versions of The Denial Twist!

As previously reported earlier this week, XL Recordings is releasing ten live versions of "The Denial Twist." Well, they've gone and sweetened the deal. You could win ALL TEN versions, complete with their original artworked wallets and CDRs! 25 runners up will also win lucky-dip sets of three. As mention before, each version is completely unique, most played with completely different instruments.

You can go HERE to enter.


Here's what you could win:
05th ::: London Hammersmith Apollo
    ::: Meg on drums. Jack leads on electric guitar.
06th ::: London Hammersmith Apollo
    ::: Meg plays drums. Jack plays grand piano plus rhodes bass keys
08th ::: London Alexandra Palace
    ::: Jack on Mandolin. Meg on drums.
09th ::: London Alexandra Palace
    ::: Meg on drums. Jack on grand piano switching to organ.
10th ::: Blackpool Empress Ballroom
    ::: Jack and Meg are joined by Jack Lawrence of the Greenhornes on bass
    ::: Jack plays the Marimba. Meg plays the drums.
11th ::: Blackpool Empress Ballroom
    ::: Unplugged - Meg on shaker, Jack on acoustic guitar.
13th ::: Glasgow Academy
    ::: Jack plays first verse on mandolin before switching to
    ::: heavy electric guitar and distorted vocals for the crescendo.
    ::: Meg on drums.
14th ::: Glasgow Academy
    ::: Meg on drums. Jack opens the song on grand piano then
    ::: switches to electric guitar
15th ::: Glasgow Academy
    ::: Slowed down version played on the grand piano and rhodes bass
    ::: keys with Meg on percussion.
17th ::: Manchester Apollo
    ::: Played as part of the encore on this, the last date of the tour,
    ::: with Jack back on electric guitar. Meg on Drums
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YANP's Go! Team Contest Extravaganza

Head over to You Aint No Picasso for details on how you could win yourself an AUTOGRAPHED Go! Team prize pack.

I believe the prize pack includes the following:
-An autographed Go Team! pennant
-A copy of Thunder, Lightning, Strike
-7" vinyl "junior Kickstart" single

It also so happens to be YANP's one year anniversary! Congratulations Matt! Take the blog out to dinner somewhere nice.
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Magnetophone "Lost in Edit" Download

When John Mark Lapham (of The Earlies and new 4AD signings The Late Cord) was introduced to Magnetophone's new album The Man Who Ate The Man, he was smitten. John loved the album so much that he decided to make his own version of it.

Using samples taken from the completed album, an array of sonic offcuts and outtakes donated by Matt and John from Magnetophone, and one or two clever touches of his own, John Mark crafted a jewel-like 15 minute collage which serves as the perfect introduction to Magnetophone's bewitching sound world. The song travels through buzzing synths, acoustic guitars, chopped up beats, dreamy vocodered vocals, and dense outer space-like soundscapes creating a very aural listening experience. It's like remembering your entire night of dreams and then transfering it all to sound.

Magnetophone Lost in Edit (15mb)
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Belle and Sebastian Surprise Album!

Today Belle and Sebastian announced the download-only release of If You're Feeling Sinister: Live at the Barbican. The album will be made available for download on December 6th, exclusively through iTunes. The band has assured fans that this live album "pisses all over any bit torrents you may have heard," so whether or not you've already heard it, it's very worth getting. The letdown is however that many were expecting this "surprise album" to be a Christmas album, which it most clearly is not. Dang.

The time for teasing is over.

The "surprise" album, alluded to in our previous mail, is "If You're Feeling Sinister: Live At The Barbican". This download-only album, which pisses all over any bit torrents you may have heard, will be available exclusively from iTunes on December 6th. As a further incentive to follow the path of righteousness, all proceeds will be donated to the DEC's Asia Quake Appeal.

We are fairly sure it's going to be available in all the International iTunes shops from the above date, BUT it's not absolutely certain, and it's kind of outwith our control, so no promises in that department. Bear with us though, because it will happen, and it's worth it, as anyone who was at the show could testify.

Cheers, B&S.

Hey guys, if you read this... one Christmas song? can we at least just get one?
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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Hundred Hands

Image hosted by

I've been meaning to do a post on Hundred Hands for a while now and their time has finally come. Hundred Hands is Aaron Pillar and Christopher Crisci from The Appleseed Cast. It's been a whole four years since their first record, but they finally a brand new full length was just released on Graveface Records out of Chicago.

The new album is called Her Accent Was Excellent and is filled with touching lyrics, beautiful melodies and more than a few "supercool" instrumental tracks. There's clearly an influence of their previous work in The Appleseed Cast on display here but, is that really a bad thing?

"Waiting In Denver, 4:05am" is my personal favorite from the new album. It's mostly acoustic, but in the way of Pedro the Lion, it manages to pull intense beautiful melody out of minal instrumentation. I can also detect some electric guitar tinkering in the background most of the song, which adds to the deep atmosphere of the song.

Waiting In Denver, 4:05am

Buy the new record from Graveface.

*Previously on S K A T T E R B R A I N:
Graveface Records And Dreamend

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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

The Elected

Image hosted by

Some of you may know Blake Sennet from his wonderful work in Rilo Kiley, those of you who don't, well, thats a shame. Either way, he's got another band that is, in my opinion, just as good as Rilo Kiley. The Elected are a wonderful blend of Rilo Kiley's amazingly perfect pop melodies and Fevers and Mirrors era Bright Eyes creativity and angst. Actually, if I hadn't known better, I would have thought the two songs I heard came right off of some Bright Eyes record I'd never heard.

On January 26th, Sun, Sun, Sun, the follow-up to 2004's Me First, will be released via SubPop and I am highly excited about it. SubPop says, "Sun, Sun, Sun was recorded largely in motel rooms while singer songwriter Blake Sennett was on tour with his other band, Rilo Kiley, the album is propelled by the kind of unsettled, exploratory impetus that is only native to the American open road. Blake says, "I'll listen to it and think, "That was recorded in a hotel in Missoula! That, we did in the van!"

Blake Sennet is apparently very easily excited. The tracklist is as follows:

1. Clouds Parting (8:14 a.m.)
2. Would You Come with Me
3. Fireflies in a Steel Mill
4. Not Going Home
5. It Was Love
6. Sun, Sun, Sun
7. Did Me Good
8. The Bank and Trust
9. Old Times
10. Desiree
11. I'll Be Your Man
12. Beautiful Rainbow
13. Biggest Star
14. At Home (Time Unknown)

[MP3]: From Me First
Greetings In Braile (Highly Recommended!)
Go On (Highly Recommended!)

Be their friend.

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My Morning Jacket live at Bonnaroo 6/12/05

Label Spotlight: 125 Records

125 Records is a smaller than small label out of Northern California. The label was born on Oct. 23, 2000, the day Joe Mallon appeared on the TV game show "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire". He made it to the Hot Seat, and when Regis asked him what he planned to do with his winnings, Joe responded that he and his wife, Sue Trowbridge, wanted to start a record label. 125 Records is that label.

Anton Barbeau [The Horny Old Ballad of Tracy Shellac]
Belle Da Gama [The Three Cornered World] Highly Rec'd!!!
Belle Da Gama [The Mozart Defect]
Statuesque [Choir Above Fire Below] Highly Rec'd!!!
Statuesque [Boys Are Lazy, Girls Are Crazy]
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The Music Show; New B&S Song Live

There's a new show on the BBC called "The Music Show." I'm not sure how many of you have heard of this, but it's very exciting. Basically it's just live performances, interviews, etc, but the thing is.... They get awesome bands!

The First Episode is a Belle and Sebastian Special featuring performances of several tracks from the forthcoming album!

Watch the live performance of the new track, "White Collar Boy."
***This Video requires the newest version of RealPlayer***

You can also check out the rest of the episodes here. Other episodes feature bands such as: Sons and daughters, Arab Strap, Mogwai, and more Belle and Sebastian. Basically, it seems to be all scottish bands.
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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Belle and Sebastian News!!!

Ah, Belle and Sebastian you tease us so. Not only have they spoke of a U.S. tour being announced shorty, but they also plan to release a new album(of sorts) preceeding the other new album, "The Life Pursuit." There are rumors of this possibly being a Christmas album and since they said it will see release in about 3 weeks, this seems like it could very possibly be correct.

Possible B&S Christmas jams! What a holiday this is panning out to be...

"A US tour will be announced shortly. Then Europe. Then maybe Japan and Australia. Ah, the promotional merry-go-round.
Cryptic last bit: There will actually be another B&S album (of sorts) released before "The Life Pursuit". In three weeks in fact. But we can't say what it is for a couple of days.
Chris and Richard are also doing some DJ'ing soon as well, check out the News page on the website for more details.That's it for now.
Belle and Sebastian."
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Handsome Charlies

With touting accents, finespun looks, and high-powered stage presence, The Handsome Charlies have blitzed their way into the collective heart of Austin, TX with an "infectious blend of uber-pop sensibility (Pulp), shrewd songwriting (Ween), and post-millenium sound (Radiohead)."

Image hosted by
I was introduced to the Charlies by a certain Penguin and I thank him for giving me the heads up. With inluences ranging from XTC to The Pixies, it's no surprise that these Australian rockers(Who live in Texas) boast some of the best pop/rock music coming out Austin right now. These guys should be on Chris' texas spotlight this week... but we'll see I guess ;)
They just recently released their debut full-length. You can buy it from I Eat Records.
[MP3]: From the new album, Gentlemen Never Tell
Coffee (Highly Rec'd)
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White Stripes' 'The Denial Twist' Live Dowloads Out Today

The first four of the 'The Denial Twist' live downloads from the current UK tour are available to fans everywhere to buy online and download NOW! Jack and Meg have been playing the track differently at each date with versions so far being played on electric guitar, acoustic guitar, marimba, and piano. I would jump on these if I were you, each one is a completely different version, and they are very high quality. A further six versions from the remainder of the tour will be added throughout this week - you can still pre-order these now.

Buy the downloads using your credit card or mobile phone HERE.

The downloads are available as high quality MP3, Windows Media or AAC files to cater for all of your music players' needs and are compatible with PC, Mac and Linux operating systems.
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Monday, November 14, 2005

New LOW U.S. Tour Dates!

Your favorite drone rockers have planned a fairly extensive tour for this coming year, and they're coming to DC, you can bet Ill be there! Unfortunatly, Low will be touring without long time bassist Zac Sally, as he recently decided to leave the band. But do not worry, they have found a new bassist in Matt Livingston. So if you like your music lush, beautiful, drony and full of emotion, I highly recommend seeing these guys. Thanks goes to Us Kids Know for always being on top of things. I've also provided you with an MP3 of my favorite song by Low, for convincing purposes.

2005-12-09    First Avenue     Minneapolis    MN     
2006-01-26    Miramar Theatre    Milwaukee    WI     
2006-01-27    Logan Square Auditorium, Chicago    IL     
2006-01-28    Grog Shop     Cleveland Heights OH     
2006-01-30    Magic Stick     Detroit    MI     
2006-01-31    Lees Palace     Toronto     ON, Canada
2006-02-01 Cabaret Music Hall Montreal PQ, Canada
2006-02-03    Southpaw     Brooklyn    NY     
2006-02-04    Black Cat     Washington    DC     
2006-02-06    Bowery Ballroom    New York City    NY     
2006-02-25    Larimer Lounge     Denver     CO     
2006-02-27 In The Venue Salt Lake City UT
2006-03-01    Club Congress     Tucson     AZ     
2006-03-02    Casbah, The     San Diego    CA     
2006-03-03    Troubadour     Los Angeles    CA     
2006-03-04 The Independent San Francisco CA
2006-03-06    Doug Fir Lounge    Portland    OR     
2006-03-07    Neumos     Seattle    WA     
2006-03-09    Richards On Richards    Vancouver    BC, Canada

Low - Sunflower (Highly Recommended)
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Here is the brand new video for for "juicebox." I have to admit, when i first heard the song a while ago I didn't really care for it, but there's somethiong about this video that makes the song that much more enjoyable to me. Plus, David Cross stars in it as an idiot radio dj announcing the the band. What more could you want? Check it out!

The Strokes - "Juicebox" (Video)

Sorry it's a YouSendIt, but it's really worth checking out.
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Saturday, November 12, 2005

March Is A Good Month For Mogwai Fans

Mogwai's new studio full length album, Mr. Beast, will see release by Matador in March 2006. Mogwai also plans to tour the U.S. sometime early next year. Yessssss!

The album was produced by Tony Doogan at Mogwai's very own studio, which they so aptly named "The Castle of Doom." For fans of the droning beauty of Happy Songs... and Rock Action, you will pleased to know that Mogwai haven't forgotten about you. But at the same time, for you kids like yours truly, the new album is also chock full of the Creshendo-laden, ear crushing rock that made us all love Mogwai in the first place.

So, it looks like everyone wins.
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Friday, November 11, 2005

New Header!

I decided to make a new header today. So, there it is. I'm pretty pleased with it, even if it creeps me out a little bit. Let me know what you guys think of it...

P.S. Can anyone guess what band that is in the background?
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MP3 of the Day! - The Tah-Dahs

I think this band has a lot of fun being a band and it shows in their music. This song is exactly what a perfect pop song should sound like. The melody jumps all over the place and the drums are surprisingly perfect for such an unknown band. This will surely be the soundtrack to rest of my Friday.

The Tah-Dahs - "The Cute Band"
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Silver Sunshine Are Still Awesome

Image hosted by

Silver Sunshine are one of my favorite bands to listen to during the cold months of Winter. I dont know why, but for me they just go hand-in-hand with shorter days, cold temperatures and of course, snow. Their self titled debut last November was a wintery wash of colorful, timeless, psychadelic pop brimming from start to finish with a mix of acoustic and fuzzed out guitars, hushed vocals and classic pop melodies.

Well, as the title of this post says, Silver Sunshine are still awesome and they have returned with a new five song ep titled, A Small pocket of Pure Spirit. The new ep sees the band being "viscerally pulled into darker and heavier territory without resistance, creating songs woven with themes ranging from the end of the world to Greek mythology, thereby revealing a glimpse of the progression to be heard on their next full-length without losing any of their pop sensibility or hooks." - Empyrean Records

You can hear a track from the new ep on the band's myspace. If that's too much trouble for you, here are two songs from their first album that I think will convince you enough to buy the new ep. "Nighmares" sits somewhere alongside "California Dreamin'" by the Mamas and the Papas with it's whispered vocals and infectious acoustic melody. I highly, highly recommend you give this song a listen, maybe it'll become your Winter anthem too.

Nightmares (Very Highly Rec'd!)

Buy the new ep and the s/t debut at Amazon.
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Thursday, November 10, 2005

Bound Stems

I found the Bound Stems while browsing Flameshovel Records today and I was immediately hooked. I would say theyre like a quirkier Walkmen. Its Pop, there's no question, but it's fairly experimental and very interesting. There's also a lot of well used "found sound" in the two songs I've heard. Overall, they're a very fun listen and I'm really loving their song "Wake Up, Ma and Pa Are Gone" and I can't seem to get the yeah, yeah, yeah's at the the end of the song out of my head. See what you think of them, let me know if you guys are digging it. Someone said they sound like The Arcade Fire, is anyone getting that?

They have a brand new EP called The Logic of Building the Body Plan coming out November 15th of Flameshovel records. The label says, "The Logic of Building the Body Plan is an intricately arranged 26 minutes of pop music founded on secretly complicated rhythmic structures. Male vocals and female harmonies build narratives off scenes summoned by the instruments and by a library of stolen sounds that emigrated to their songs: grandmas, crafty cabbies, trains, party laughter, turnstiles, storytellers and a fieldsworth of crickets. It's approachable music. It sounds like they knocked themselves out, which they did, and it also sounds like a pleasure to dive headfirst into."

Preorder it here.

Wake Up, Ma and Pa Are Gone (Highly, Highly Rec'd)
My Kingdom for a Trundle Bed
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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Further proof of why I hate Coldplay / Coldplay to tour U.S.

So why exactly would I hate Coldplay? Might it be because they're pretentious assholes? Yes, that would be correct. Okay, so it might not be 100% because they're extremely annoying and pretentious. I happen to LOVE Radiohead, which in turn makes me absolutely despise Chris Martin and company, for obvious reasons. But, in support of they're glorious pretentiousness, and only that, here goes.

Coldplay are going to do a U.S. tour.

You want the dates huh? Well, this is when Coldplay's annoying self-importance(a self-importance that has begun to surpass Mogwai's supreme head-up-their-own-asses excellence) comes out. You see, Coldplay cant just announce tour dates like anyone else, they're just too darn epic, right? Right, well at least Chris Martin thinks so, and here's his plan:

In order for this allegedly top secret information(the "tour dates") to be revealed, fans must flock by the thousands to a new website launched by the band. Every time the site,, brings in 33,000 hits, a date is unlocked. There are 26 of them in all, 16 of which have been disclosed.

Here are some of the dates that have been "unlocked":


1/25/06 - KEY ARENA Seattle, WA - On Sale: 11/19
1/26/06 - GM PLACE Vancouver, British Columbia - On Sale: 11/21
1/30/06 - ARCO ARENA Sacramento, CA- On Sale: 11/19
1/31/06 - OAKLAND ARENA Oakland, CA - On Sale: 11/19
2/1/06 - HP PAVILION @ San Jose - San Jose, CA - On Sale: 11/19
2/3/06 - MGM GRAND GARDEN ARENA Las Vegas, NV - On Sale: 12/3
2/19/06 - PEPSI CENTER Denver, CO - On Sale: 11/19
2/20/06 - QWEST CENTER Omaha, NE - On Sale: 11/19
2/22/06 - PALACE OF AUBURN HILLS Auburn Hills, MI - On Sale: 11/19
2/23/06 - FREEDOM HALL Louisville, KY - On Sale: 11/19
2/25/06- TOYOTA CENTER Houston, TX - On Sale: 11/21
2/26/06 - AMERICAN AIRLINES CENTER Dallas, TX - On Sale: 11/21
2/27/06 - FORD CENTER Oklahoma City, OK - On Sale: 11/19
3/2/06 - MCI CENTER Washington, DC - On Sale: 11/19
3/4/06 - T.D. WATERHOUSE CENTRE Orlando, FL - On Sale: 12/3
3/5/06 - FORD PAVILION Tampa, FL - On Sale: 11/19(Rescheduled date. for postponed Sept.14 concert will be honored.)
3/20/06 - QUICKEN LOANS ARENA Cleveland, OH - On Sale: 11/19
3/22/06 - AIR CANADA CENTRE Toronto, Ontario - On Sale: 11/19
3/25/06 - CONTINENTAL AIRLINES ARENA East Rutherford, NJ - On Sale: 11/21
3/26/06 - NASSAU VETERANS MEMORIAL COLISEUM Uniondale, NY - On Sale: 11/21
3/3O/06 - UNITED CENTER Chicago, IL - On Sale: 11/19
4/3/06 - VERIZON WIRELESS ARENA Manchester, NH - On Sale: 11/19
4/4/06 - MOHEGAN SUN ARENA Uncasville, CT - On Sale: 11/19
4/6/05 - WACHOVIA CENTER Philadelphia, PA - On Sale: 11/19
Los Angeles Area Date and Venue to be determined Stay tuned to KROQ for information
Los Angeles Area Date and Venue to be determined Stay tuned to KROQ for information

Look, I'm not the only one who hates them, Pitchfork offers Chris Martin a ticket to hell.
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Murder by Death

Okay, first of all, I would like to say that I know I'm about 2 years late on this band but, I just bought this album last night and I have been finding it extremely difficult to hit stop. I would also like to tell you this is NOT screamo or anything of the like and if you havent heard their album, Who Will Survive and What Will be Left of Them? you are truly missing out.

Murder by Death is Adam Turla, Alex Schrodt, Matt Armstong, Sarah Balliet, and Vincent Edwards. Murder by Death's part horror movie climax, part western barroom brawl sound can be mostly attributed to the fact that among the obvious standard guitar, bass and drums, the band also employs a cello and a piano which play huge roles in every one of their songs. Everything about this band is epic in every sense of that word, all the way down to the title of their latest album.

Who Will Survive, And What Will Be Left Of Them? could very easily be considered a concept album, oh heck, it's definitely a concept album. WWSAWWBLOT? depicts a brooding tale of survival in a small western town whose residents are plagued with demonic assaults. They begin to question their own mortality as the Devil wages war on their homeland. "The album opens with an old fashioned sounding barroom piano piece that narrates the story," explains Murder By Death frontman, Adam Turla. "The Devil has been drinking and preaching the night away at a bar in town until a local shoots him in the back."

Throughout "Who Will Survive..." Alex Schrodt's percussions march you through the dark twists and turns of the town's fate. In the somber dirge of "Three Men Hanging," Matt Armstong's reassuring bass line wraps itself around your supple neck and thrusts you skyward. The album then takes a mischievous turn with "The Desert Is On Fire." Sarah Balliet's deceitfully optimistic cello take flight with Vincent Edwards' piano jaunts while Turla forewarns, "I'll leave a trail of fire across this desert just to see the desperation in your eyes."

The album comes to a close with the desperate finale "End of the Line" illustrating the final hours of our beloved little town. It shows the resilience and fortitude of the human spirit. They will fight until the last breath escapes from their frail lungs; there is still hope for them. The song closes with the war-torn and frantic threat of, "I'll be waiting for him this time. I am stronger now and I can fight it. I'll be waiting at the end of the line." This leaves one question left, who will survive, and what will be left of them?

Listen: [from Who Will Survive, And What Will Be Left Of Them?]
Killbot 2000
A Masters in Reverse Pyschology

Buy it!
P.S. Insound called it "one of the most innovative and well-executed records of the year."
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Monday, November 07, 2005

The Brunettes sign on with SubPop

New Zealand pop sensation, The Brunettes, have just signed to SubPop Records! Jonathan Poneman of Sub Pop Records says: "Having shimmied, curtsied and barnstormed their way into the hearts of North America, I was left no choice but to sign The Brunettes. That's not to say that I am anything less than overjoyed. I am, in fact, thrilled! But it's their unerring ability to captivate, both on stage and in the studio, that inspired me to purchase their souls. Oh, I mean that inspired me to sign 'em to Sub Pop. Seriously though: I'm so excited to be working with The Brunettes. These youngsters know how to - in the words of a beloved pop band from my youth - shake some action!"

You(and I) can expect their first release sometime around summer/fall 2006. Now that's quite a long time away, so until then, have a listen to this "Coy, cute, cutie-pie, hoochie-pie, coochie-woo, woochie-candy-poo" band. That description comes straight from Lil' Chief Records -- the band's old home -- and it couldn't be more descriptive.

The Brunettes would be the perfect soundtrack to childish love or maybe that first time you questioned the wise theory of cootees. Whichever feeling it evokes, its going to involve happiness and love. I mean, look at the titles of their records: "Holding Hands, Feeding Ducks" "Mars Loves Venus" and "When Ice Met Cream." So if your're into that sort of thing, like Matt, then The Brunettes are for you.

Goodnight Little Cherub Boy

*Buy their previous releases in the SubPop Shop
**Be their friend on Myspace
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Sunday, November 06, 2005

Statuesque... Again

Image hosted by

Ok, well, maybe not so much a "band" as it is just one guy. Stephen Manning is the creative GENIOUS behind Statuesque. How he is not the biggest thing in indie rock right now, I have no idea. But I will say this may just be my favorite album of this year(even though it came out last year). Watch me, I'll put on my end-of-the-year list, just you wait.

People have said:

"Although his band's level of commercial success may not reflect it, Stephen Manning, who leads this way-far-underground U.K. outfit, is one of the best songwriters working in the pop-rock idiom. Manning's stuff stands up alongside your favourite Smiths, Morrissey and Radiohead records, while sounding totally unique and individual." (The Big Takeover)

"There are some people who are just blessed with an endless stream of tunes, and Statuesque singer / guitarist Stephen Manning is one of them." (Los Angeles Times)

"The best English pop band you've never heard is Statuesque." (CMJ)

I haven't stopped listening to Choir Above Fire Below since it came in the mail the other day. The entire album, start to finish, is amazing. I'll go ahead and say that every song could potentially be be a huge single. Listen to these two songs and tell me they arent some of the best pop songs youve heard all year(or... ever).

From Choir Above Fire Below:
Choir Above Fire Below (HIGHEST REC!!!)
Boys are Lazy Girls are Crazy (HIGHLY REC'D!!!)


P.S. This is my second post on Statuesque within a week. This should probably tell you something...
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Friday, November 04, 2005

Isota to Release Jeff Mangum Vinyl!

Isota Records announced that they will be releasing both Jeff Mangum's Live at Jittery Joes and Major Organ and the Adding Machine's self titled debut on vinyl this Month. For Elephant 6 enthusiasts and well, just about everyone, this is amazing news, as this is the first time either of these classic releases have ever been pressed to vinyl.

The two LP's have an official street date of November 1st according to Isota, but are still only available for pre-order. The Jeff Mangum vinyl will indeed have an original poster insert with artwork done by In The Aeroplane Over The Sea artist, Brian Dewan. And for those of you unfamiliar with Major Organ and the Adding Machine's debut, it's a modern psychedelic classic which features members of Neutral Milk Hotel, The Olivia Tremor Control, Elf Power, and Of Montreal. If you miss out on these you're an idiot, im sorry.

Pre-order them NOW! from Isota Records
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Thursday, November 03, 2005

The Pathways

Image hosted by

The Pathways are Mike Dempsey (drums), Leo Goldsmith (bass), Evan Kindley (guitar/vocals), and David Yourdon (vocals/guitar). They all four also play keyboards and together they write some pretty great "forward-thinking" guitar pop.

"Ever since the heyday of R.E.M., The Feelies, and The Go-Betweens, lovers of smart, forward-thinking guitar-pop have been scraping by on a very meager diet. Enter The Pathways: an aural multivitamin from the cultural pharmacy of Brooklyn, NY. The Pathways write charmingly complex and intelligent pop songs without reference to AM radio, argyle sweaters, or nice smiles, that even people lacking advanced degrees or access to illicit substances can enjoy (not that those people are excluded - the more the merrier)." - From The Pathways' Myspace.

They just released their debut full length, Boat of Confidence, on RIYL Records. These guys should be huge, who knows, maybe they will. I recommend listening to "Party's Over" first, you're gonna have this one on repeat for a while trust me.

From Boat of Confidence:
Party's Over (Highly Rec'd)
Stunning Capture

Buy Boat of Confidence from the RIYL Store.
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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Jose Gonzalez used in Sony Commercial

Image hosted by

For the commercial their new Bravia LCD Televisions, Sony let loose 250 thousand brightly colored bouncy balls in San Francisco. The end result is absolutely beautiful and Jose Gonzalez's "Heartbeats" goes perfect with it. Definitely take a look at this, its amazing. Doesn't really make me want to buy the TV though...

Watch the Commercial:
High Resolution Video (Quicktime)
Low Resolution Video (Quicktime)

Also: For those of you that somehow haven't heard it, heres a snippet.
Jose Gonzalez "Heartbeats"
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Graveface Records and Dreamend

Remember when I said that I wouldn't bring post-rock into this blog too much? Well, I lied. I love it, what can I say?

Anyways. Graveface Records boasts some of the best instrumental, creshendo laden, post-rock I've ever heard. But don't run off, they're not just a post-rock label, Graveface offers a smattering of incredible bands ranging from many different styles. Finding Graveface was pretty much like finding Temporary Residence all over again and I am thrilled. Graveface is a bizarre label though, in every sense of the word. The label is owned and run by one person and one person alone. This person is Ryan Manon, who also happens to be the guitarist and vocalist of Dreamend, one of the bands on the label.

Ryan operates Graveface out of his own pocket, maily from day jobs at restaurants and even orchestras. In an interview with Ryan said, "I think that the main thing I look for [with bands] besides brilliance is their desire to be a part of a family. We all help each other out. I want it to be like Motown records, minus the abuse, where everyone plays on everyone’s record, (and where) everyone promotes each other not just by touring and not because they are obligated to. There are no contracts, just our words."

That's right, no contracts at all. Ryan has even turned bands away because they refused to work without a contract. Though Ryan admits going about a label in this fashion can lead to problems, it shows extreme integrity and ethics that you just don't see that much anymore.

Ryan's band, Dreamend just recently released their brand new album titled, "Maybe We're Making God Sad and Lonely" and from the couple songs ive heard, it's nothing short of outstanding.

From Maybe We're Making God Sad and Lonely:
"Iceland" (via Cokemachineglow) (Higly Rec'd!)
"Can't Take You{dif}" (Highly Rec'd!)

Other Graveface MP3s: (All Highly Rec'd as well)
Daturah "Lovelight" (edit)
Jakob "The Diffusion of Our Inherent Situation"
Hundred Hands "Waiting in Denver, 4:05am"

Visit Graveface Records for more MP3s, Bands, and to buy stuff. Buy lots of stuff.
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