Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Ypsilanti's own, Swimsuit!

Not since getting ahold of the Weed Hounds demo last year, have I been so excited and blown away by the first listen of demo. The band is Swimsuit and they're from Ypsilanti, MI! They're relatively fresh out of the over and are not to be slept on! Fred Thomas of the amazing, incredible, best ever Saturday Looks Good To Me teamed up with friends Shelley, Dina (of Secret Twins), and Amber to form Swimsuit back sometime around the beginning of the year. They've since released a Demo EP, Life Like, and since hearing it, oh, just about an hour ago, I've fallen madly in love. The melodies are surfy and as catchy as I could have hoped for (and frankly I do believe I could have guessed Fred was involved even if no one told me). The vocals, which I believe come from Dina — who lent her vocal chords to Stuart Murdoch's God Help The Girl project — are also pretty to die for. Listen to "Evaporation" below! If you love it as much as I do you'll definitely want to download the Life Like HERE.

[MP3]: Swimsuit :: Evaporation (SO, SO Rec'd!)

Swimsuit on MySpace!

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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I've got a passion for water

Liechtenstein are back!

Following their fantastic debut LP, Liechtenstein are back with a new single on, you guessed it, Fraction Discs! The single's three tracks represent the sound of Liechtenstein we've all come to love, but the songs just seem to keep better and better. A-side "Passion For Water" sounds as if it were nicked from some lost El Records compilation. Like the rest of the single, it remains catchy and very danceable — just like I like my Liechtenstein to be! Have a listen to "Passion For Water" and keep your eyes peeled over at Fraction Discs, as it should be ready to order soon!

[MP3]: Liechtenstein :: Passion For Water

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Thursday, July 08, 2010

A monthly mix: July!

A need to be on a rollercoaster asap.

Hey! Time for another monthly mix! The past month or so has yielded too many awesome records I've barely been able to keep up! Ideally I would get to separate posts for every single one of them, but if I don't have time for all of that, at least you'll be getting familiar with most of them on this new mix! There are a few personal Summer stardards on here — Dressy Bessy, The Cat's Miaow, True Love Always — that I hope you'll love, too! I'd really recommend popping this in and driving aimlessly into the sweltering Summer afternoon. You'll be sweaty, but you'll feel awesome! I'm sure of it! Let me know if you're curious about anything you hear!


01. Club 8 "Shape Up!"
02. Ivy "This Is The Day"
03. Gold-Bears "Tally"
04. The Mantles "Situations"
05. Dressy Bessy "Maybe Laughter"
06. Hexicon "Annie Oh!"
07. World Atlas "Saint Mary"
08. Allo, Darlin' "My Heart Is A Drummer"
09. Grass Widow "Shadow"
10. The Procedure Club "Vermont"
11. Neverever "Coconut Shampoo"
12. Seeland "Local Park"
13. The Cat's Miaow "I Really Don't Know"
14. Ampersand "I'm Still Waiting"
15. True Love Always "Sheets"

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Thursday, July 01, 2010


I cannot resist one second of the new Serena-Maneesh album. SM-2 is full of sounds and melodies that I've mostly heard before, but the thing is, those are some of my favorite kinds of sounds and melodies, so I'll never say no. I'm pretty much in agreement with how Eric at Marathon Packs so perfectly put it: "Seriously, music: if you keep recycling the basic Lush formula and stirring in different elements/theme variations, I’ll keep buying (into) it." This live video makes me love this song/album even more than I already do. I urge you, please indulge.

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