Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Where have all the good sperms gone?

I admittedly don't know too much about Ubangi other than that they were Swedish and featured Cia Soro who would later be in the more well-known, and much less stranger, Whale. This song is incredibly infectious though – well, for me it is anyway. Though who could really deny how fantastic that guitar is, really. Watch at your own risk! Haha.

Several of their records are pretty easy to come by, though Oh No, I'm Pregnant!, the album this song originally appeared on, is proving to be exteremely difficult to track down. It looks like this. If you see it anywhere, give it to me!

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You shouldn't be kissing with your eyes closed

Butcher Boy's second LP React or Die, out in April.

Over two years ago, I described Glasgow's Butcher Boy as very "Felt-y" – hardly an incorrect assessment of their sound at that time. However their new single "Carve A Pattern", for me, feels like something different. The whirring organ still manages to peek through the mix from time to time with that tone that is just SO Forever Breathes The Lonely Word, but the backbone of the song is in the bouncing piano melody, which is neither Felt nor the Butcher Boy that I recall – not at all a bad thing, mind you! Not sure what the new LP has in store for us, but assuming "Carve A Pattern" is any indication, it sounds like Butcher Boy has become a Butcher Man.

[MP3]: Butcher Boy :: Carve A Pattern

React Or Die will be out on the How Does It Feel To Be Loved? label in April, but you can preorder right now!
Butcher Boy on MySpace!

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Monday, February 23, 2009

Free Loan Investments live set on YouTube!!!

I don't know about you, but I never knew these were in existence. I'd seen the other FLI videos a million times over, but I just noticed this live set from OSAKAvsTOKYO last night. I'm not sure what the date is on this, so if anyone knows, could you let me know! Under the assumption that I'm not the only who A.) loves the Free Loan Investments and B.) has never seen these videos before, I feel it my duty to share them with you!!! These are a few of the highlights, in my opinion, but you can watch the rest of the set (six more songs!) HERE.



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The Softies @ The Milky Way 10/20/2000

The Softies

I don't know where this recording originally came from but I got it from Mr. Pinefox a few days ago – and with perfect timing, too, on a nice rainy day! This is a really great recording and it's nice to hear all of these songs live; especially "The Best Days"! It's fun to listen to Rose and Jen's cute stage banter back and forth, too, being that I missed my chance to see them live when they were, you know, still around. I'd really recommend grabbing this and getting a nice hot cup of coffee or tea and just listen and lay around for a little while. Alliteration!

The Softies
Live @ The Milky Way [October 20, 2000]

01. Holiday In Rhode Island
02. Sleep Away Your Troubles
03. Fragile, Don't Crush
04. The Beginning Of The End
05. Snow Like This
06. Me And The Bees
07. You And Only You
08. Tracks And Tunnels
09. Skittish As Me
10. The Places We Go
11. Just A Day
12. The Best Days


Have a nice Monday! I'm very sleepy, so, goodnight!
P.S. Most of the compilations have been mailed out now, so if you ordered yours early on, you should be receiving it soon! The rest will be shipping out soon, so don't fret! :)

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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

New Japan Air video for an old Japan Air song!

Japan Air

I first mentioned Japan Air almost 2 years ago and since then they've recorded new songs, released a single on Cloudberry Records and starting putting words in their songs. However, they've got a new video and it's for one of their older, instrumental songs – the first song of theirs I ever heard, actually – called "Crack of Dawn". Watch it!

Japan Air's 3" single is still available from Cloudberry and I would really suggest grabbing it. All three songs are perfect slices of dreamy Sarah Records-esque indiepop.

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Monday, February 16, 2009

Sha la la sha la la, Sha la la sha la la


Yes yes yes! The Liechtenstein girls are back! Not that they ever left, but I for one didn't expect another new release this soon, and as you can see I'm a bit excited about it. They've just released a brand new three-track CDr called 'Everything's For Sale' on a new label called Drill Building. They've got the title track up on MySpace and I've been playing it over and over quite a bit, killing the time until my copy comes in the mail! It reminds me of a song of which I cannot remember the title or band name and it's driving me nuts! The instrumentation is pretty Talulah Gosh-y on this one and the vocal harmonies are stunning as always – ending with a particularly catchy round of "Sha la la"s. The CDr is intended to be sold at their upcoming shows, I think, but you can also order it from Fraction Discs in Sweden.

Go listen to "Everything's For Sale" on MySpace!

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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Taking time in the name of taking time

The Metric Mile

Since finally, happily, receiving my copy of The Metric Mile's 'In Praise of Ski Jumpers' 7", I don't think it has really left my turntable – in short, I'm definitely in love. I'm hearing bits and pieces of all my favorite bands – The Wake, OMD, The Field Mice, etc – all rolled into one and it's just perfect! I first fell in love with A-side "In Praise of Ski Jumpers", which prompted me to order the single in the first place, but it's the B-side, "Codebreaking", that now has me in a fixed grin. This song could have fit right between "Gruesome Castle" and "Pale Spectre" on The Wake's 1987 'Something That No One Else Could Bring' EP – which, I assure you, means a lot, because I love the crap out of that record. Now I also love the crap out of The Metric Mile. You going to NEED to get this single! I'm not going to post any songs, but you can them at the link below, or of course on MySpace.

Get the 7" right here for $5!
The Metric Mile on MySpace!

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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Strawberry V, you're the one for me!

Brilliant at Breakfast

I don't quite remember how it was that I happened upon Brilliant at Breakfast's quiant little MySpace page, but my breakfast this morning (no kidding!) was all the much better for it! The band consists of a seemingly anonymous group of folks from Yogyakarta, Indonesia who play, in their own words, "Pop with dabs of madness. Perky, childish, whimsical songs. Themes range from popular culture (comic book superheroes, Greek mythology, urban legends, novels, other bands) and everyday life (end-of-vacation blues, intoxicating drinks, sugary drinks, road accidents)." Sounds good to me! While browsing through their comments, I noticed that they seem to be pals with Annemarie, which makes perfect sense given two points: they're both from Indonesia, they both play pop songs with equal doses of sunshine and whimsy. It's not too early to start thinking about Spring, and this song is the perfect way to get yourself in the mood! Listen :)

[MP3]: Brilliant at Breakfast :: Strawberry V (Highly Recommended!)

They seem to be on a label called Rise and Shine, but I don't see any information on a release of any kind anywhere. Maybe something is on the way, though – I sure hope so! This is fantastic stuff!

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