Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I can't keep my hands to myself

Philly's Catnaps

Catnaps are a very lovely new-ish pop band from Philadelphia! You may remember them as When I Was 12, but they've since changed their name to Catnaps and now here we are. They just self-released their new record Why Don't You Whisper? on July 1st and you can grab now it via the Catnaps Bandcamp! Personally, I think the record sounds somewhere between Pipas and The Deirdres—and maybe also a little bit of Sparky's Magic Piano—which is just perfect! Listen to "Lullaby"!

[MP3]: Catnaps "Lullaby"

It's nice to know there's another wonderful pop band in Philly! Of course they're on tour right now, so I won't be able to see them play for a while. But! Maybe you can! Here are the dates:

July 28th_ San Franscisco, CA @ TBA
July 30th _ Los Angeles, CA @ Origami Vinyl
July 31st _ Long Beach, CA @ TBA
August 1st_ Phoenix, AZ @ Trunk Space
August 3rd_ Albuquerque, NM @ TBA
August 5th_ Norman, OK @ TBA
August 6th_ Little Rock, AR @ TBA
August 7th _ Memphis, TN @ The Stash House
August 8th_ Nashville, TN @ HOUSE SHOW
August 10th_ Birmingham, AL @ HOUSE SHOW
August 11th_ Athens or Atlanta, GA @ TBA
August 12th_ Greensboro, NC @ CFGB'S
August 13th_ Richmond, VA @ The Triple
August 14th_ Baltimore, MD @ TBA

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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

You've gotta take it as it comes

This new Vivian Girls video is the most wonderful, adorable thing! "Take It As It Comes" is one of my favorites from Share The Joy and I'm so excited they made a video for it. I can't wait to see them in Philly in September! I'm gonna go watch this for the tenth time now.

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We can run away and I don't mind!

Tiny Fireflies

Tiny Fireflies is the relatively new collaboration between Lisle and Kristine of Very Truly Yours, or Fireflies and Tiny Microphone, respectively. If you, like me, were able to catch them at this year's NYC Popfest then you already know how utterly fantastic they are. Delicate could aptly describe both members' previous outings and it still fits like a glove here. Their four-song debut EP Change feels as much like the soundtrack to squinty Summer afternoon as it does a winter spent inside, gazing out a frosted window. The guitar and keys fall like snowflakes, but Kristine's voice, cloaked in reverb, falls even softer; like dust caught in a sunbeam. Opener "Your Love" and "So Sad To Say Goodbye" (with its great New Order-y bassline!) are personal highlights, but all four songs are gems, really. Have a listen and pick up the EP from brand new label Little Treasure! It's limited to just 125 copies so go go go!

[MP3]: Tiny Fireflies "So Sad To Say Goodbye" (Very Recommended!)

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Friday, July 22, 2011

New Pocketbooks single!

Pocketbooks have just released a brand new single from their upcoming sophomore album 'Carousel'. "Promises, Promises" is a blast of summer with it's shimmering strings, lush harmonies, and just a touch of sadness. It makes me feel the way I do on those days where I keep Belle and Sebastian's "Dirty Dream Number Two" on repeat. It's a good feeling and since I first heard them, Pocketbooks have always found a way to bring it out! Have a listen! If you're in love then head over to Odd Box Records and preorder your copy of the new record! It won't be out until September, but you're going to want to get on it now, I assure you.

[MP3]: Pocketbooks "Promises, Promises" (Highly Rec'd!)

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Thursday, July 21, 2011

A monthly mix: July 2011!

It's 100 degrees outside today. Yuck.

Hey pals! It's July and I have a new mix to share with you! This month's mix is pretty JUMBO compared to the typical length of previous mixes, but I could couldn't bring myself to cut it down any further. Personal new favorites here include a new track from Bleached (Ex-Mika Miko sisters), Dear Marje (A+ Tiger Trap worship; my new favorite band and yours, too), and a new one off of the new Veronica Falls LP (Sure to be one of the best of the year). Some old gems, too. 20 songs in all. It's perfect for hiding away from the 104 degree temperatures we'll be seeing here tomorrow. Enjoy!


01. Sourpatch "Funny Inside"
02. Comet Gain "An Arcade From The Warm Rain That Falls"
03. Ultrasport "Sharing Secrets"
04. Twitch Hazel "Mention"
05. Speedmarket Avenue "Moments Of Sudden Brightness"
06. Reina Republicana "Mar Diamante"
07. Bleached "Think Of You"
08. Dear Marje "Soft And Sweet"
09. The Tribbles "Mercury"
10. Swimsuit "Mongoose"
11. The Mondo Crescendo "Heaven Only Knows"
12. Still Corners "Cuckoo"
13. Further "Don't Need A Rope"
14. Tigerella "Rid Of You"
15. Syrup USA "Joie De Vol"
16. Veronica Falls "Come On Over"
17. Screamfeeder "Dart"
18. #Poundsign# "Michigan"
19. Seapinks "Peripheral Vision"
20. Pale Saints "Fine Friend"

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