Wednesday, May 19, 2010

You Love Me Or You Don't

Bake Sale

Hailing from the likely, yet unlikely, city of Memphis, Tennessee are Bake Sale. If I were a slightly more bitter, critical soul I'd probably be able to find fault in the pop stylings of these girls (and guy). However, being the easily swooned pop-lover I am, the beautiful four minutes and sixteen seconds of "Prom Song" left me glass-eyed, sighing "Yessssssssss." Have a listen for yourself. "Meanwhile", which is currently streaming on Bake Sale's MySpace, is also definitely worth a few listens.

[MP3]: Bake Sale :: Prom Song (Highly Rec'd!!!)

P.S. This also happens to be my 1,000 post on Skatterbrain. Hooray!

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Thursday, May 13, 2010

In love with: Las Robertas

Las Robertas

These girls seem to be getting written up all over the internet right now, but I'm finding myself too in love with their debut Cry Out Loud to not also give a shout about them here. Las Robertas hail from Costa Rica and make some of the best fuzzed-out pop these ears have heard in a while. There are a lot of bands out and about right now just chomping at the bit for this type of sound, but so few really have the melodic chops for it. You can't just get by being cute and plugging into a fuzz pedal—at least not for me. Each and every song on Cry Out Loud is melodically memorable, and instantly so! This can be a hard trick to pull of in a genre that is, frankly, massively over-saturated at the moment. That's why Las Robertas get such two huge thumbs up from me. For example, notice how quickly this song gets into your head.

[MP3]: Las Robertas :: In Between Buses (So Highly Recommended!!!)

Download Cry Out Loud for free, HERE!

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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

New video for "Western Hospitality"

I've been dying to hear the new Club 8 album, The People's Record, ever since I got my ears on it's first single "Western Hospitality" months ago. It's a brilliant song and I love the video. Now if you could just put the record into my hands, I would be the happiest person!

Preorder The People's Record from Labrador!

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