Sunday, December 11, 2011


as a result of my last post on here some of you thought that Skatterbrain was perhaps over. As I clarified in the comments, it is not. BUT, it is changing. Skattebrain is being "relaunched" on a new platform. That platform, as you may have guessed, is tumblr! I made this decision based upon the ease and efficiency of tumblr and its interactive capabilities. Having the blog at its new home will hopefully leading to more regular posting as it used to be around here.

You can still read Skatterbrain on tumblr without having a tumblr account. However, for those of you that do have tumblr accounts it will make for a much more interactive blog than before, hopefully producing a bit more discussion and the like. The address will point here for probably another week, but then it will be permanently relocated to the new Skatterbrain over on tumblr! This blog will still be alive and can be reached via should you want to continue to dig through the archives. I want to thank everyone who's followed Skatterbrain here for sometime during the past—wow—six years. I hope all of you are able to continue reading over at Skatterbrain's new home.

The end of the year festivities are beginning over at the new Skatterbrain right now with my favorite records of 2011 just posted! The 'favorite songs of 2011' mega-gigantic mix will be up later this week! Favorite EPs, too! See you there!

The new url is:

*Remember, the .org address will no longer point to this blogspot after this week!

I hope this isn't too confusing. If you have any questions, you know where to reach me!

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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A Note:

Hey! So, I think that the fact that the last four posts on here are the past four months' mixes is as a clear an indication as any that regular posting, as it were, will probably never be happening here again. That being said, I still post and talk about a lot of the same stuff as here on TUMBLR! There is a lot of other stuff mixed in, too, but if you're interested, you can follow me over there. The link is below!

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Friday, November 11, 2011

A monthly mix: November 2011!

Looks a bit more like Spring, but what can you do?

Hey folks! It's Monthly Mix time again! This is actually a special monthly mix in that it is the first one ever to be 100% comprised of new songs. Since I haven’t actually been posting on the blog too much these days, I figured I’d use this months mix to share some of my most favorite new bands, new records, and new songs from the past month or two. I hope you like it! If you want to know any more about any of the bands, let's talk about it in the comments!


Here’s the tracklist:

01. The Capstan Shafts “Like Theme From ‘Arthouse Floozy’”
02. Literature “14 Seconds”
03. Still Corners “Into The Trees”
04. Heavenly Beat “Desire”
05. Pink Playground “Dark Bloom”
06. Tashaki Miyaki “Somethin’ Is Better Than Nothin’”
07. Wax Idols “Grey Area”
08. Opposite Sex “La Rat”
09. Sea Lions “Grown Up”
10. Youngfuck “Black Tulips”
11. Glish “Magazine”
12. Twerps “Through The Day”
13. The Blanche Hudson Weekend “One Last Kiss”
14. The Proctors “All The Books”
15. Sea Dweller “Marion”
16. White Wishes “Come And Say Hello”
17. Weekend “Hazel”
18. Moscow Olympics “Keeping The Avenues Open”

Happy Autumn!!!

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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A monthly mix: October 2011!

This month's cover art features Koloman Moser's "Profilbildnis eines Mädchens".

Did you guys know that October is the best month ever? Because IT IS. I hope you like this mix. As with all Fall season mixes, I highly recommend pairing it with a nice crisp evening stroll. Bye!


01. Archers of Loaf "Toast"
02. Beat Happening "Gravedigging Blues"
03. Eggplant "Often I Lie"
04. Rose Melberg "Spin"
05. Princess Niko "The Broken Paper-Heart Club"
06. Sea Lions "To Love Somebody" (Bee Gees cover)
07. Sleeping Bag "Ben"
08. Seam "Granny 9X"
09. Post Post "Entryway"
10. The Ropers "These Days"
11. Veronica Falls "The Fountain"
12. Waxahatchee "Catfish"
13. Twerps "Dreamin"
14. Dinosaur Jr. "Goin Home"
15. Portastatic "Why Pinch Yourself"
16. Yo La Tengo "Take Care"

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Tuesday, September 06, 2011

A Monthly Mix: September 2011!

Yes, yes, I know Fall is not really here yet, but I simply REFUSE to endure one more minute of that hot and sticky Summer mindset. I've put my foot down and made a September mix with the exclusive purpose of tricking myself into believing my favorite season of the year is already upon us. All of my old Autumn standbys are here (Rose Melberg, Velocity Girl, Slumber Party, Clock Strikes Thirteen, etc), but there's also a few new songs from Widowspeak and Dum Dum Girls fitting the bill rather perfectly. I hope you enjoy it and I hope you're as excited about the coming season as I am!


Here's the tracklist:
01. Blake Babies “Severed Lips” (Dinosaur Jr. cover)
02. Widowspeak “Half Awake”
03. Velocity Girl “Tripping Wires
04. Pencil Tin “In Dreams”
05. Veruca Salt “Fly”
06. The Nonpareils “Inside”
07. Spent “Stumble Up The Stairs”
08. Tiger Trap “You’re Sleeping”
09. Engine No. 9 “Sleep”
10. Semi-Gloss “Groupie’s Lament”
11. Clock Strikes Thirteen “One Cold Day”
12. Slumber Party “I Never Dreamed”
13. Cuffs “Privilege”
14. Wild Carnation “Wings”
15. Dum Dum Girls “Wasted Away”
16. Tsunami “Kidding On The Square”

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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A monthly mix: August 2011!

Here's a little last hurrah of Summer! I love the Summer, but not as much as what's coming up next, and these hotter than hot days are getting very old. Put this on and go out for a walk melt. Literature, Tunabunny, and Catnaps are a few of my favorite bands being bands right now! If you're not on it, get on it! Everything else is, well, you probably know it. If you don't then I can assure it's all a blast. Now grab it go have a blast.


01. Literature "It's Cruel"
02. Tunabunny "(Song For My) Solar Sister"
03. Medicine "Never Click"
04. Catnaps "Lullaby"
05. Eux Autres "Go Dancing"
06. Big Red Bus "All I Need"
07. Kristallin "Twelve Until I Die"
08. The Twerps "She Didn't Know"
09. Happydeadmen "Heaven No!"
10. The Girls "Here I Am In Love Again"
11. All Girl Summer Fun Band "Will I See You"
12. The Hermit Crabs "I Don't Know How"
13. Lush "Lit Up"
14. Fat Tulips "My Secret Place"

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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I can't keep my hands to myself

Philly's Catnaps

Catnaps are a very lovely new-ish pop band from Philadelphia! You may remember them as When I Was 12, but they've since changed their name to Catnaps and now here we are. They just self-released their new record Why Don't You Whisper? on July 1st and you can grab now it via the Catnaps Bandcamp! Personally, I think the record sounds somewhere between Pipas and The Deirdres—and maybe also a little bit of Sparky's Magic Piano—which is just perfect! Listen to "Lullaby"!

[MP3]: Catnaps "Lullaby"

It's nice to know there's another wonderful pop band in Philly! Of course they're on tour right now, so I won't be able to see them play for a while. But! Maybe you can! Here are the dates:

July 28th_ San Franscisco, CA @ TBA
July 30th _ Los Angeles, CA @ Origami Vinyl
July 31st _ Long Beach, CA @ TBA
August 1st_ Phoenix, AZ @ Trunk Space
August 3rd_ Albuquerque, NM @ TBA
August 5th_ Norman, OK @ TBA
August 6th_ Little Rock, AR @ TBA
August 7th _ Memphis, TN @ The Stash House
August 8th_ Nashville, TN @ HOUSE SHOW
August 10th_ Birmingham, AL @ HOUSE SHOW
August 11th_ Athens or Atlanta, GA @ TBA
August 12th_ Greensboro, NC @ CFGB'S
August 13th_ Richmond, VA @ The Triple
August 14th_ Baltimore, MD @ TBA

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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

You've gotta take it as it comes

This new Vivian Girls video is the most wonderful, adorable thing! "Take It As It Comes" is one of my favorites from Share The Joy and I'm so excited they made a video for it. I can't wait to see them in Philly in September! I'm gonna go watch this for the tenth time now.

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We can run away and I don't mind!

Tiny Fireflies

Tiny Fireflies is the relatively new collaboration between Lisle and Kristine of Very Truly Yours, or Fireflies and Tiny Microphone, respectively. If you, like me, were able to catch them at this year's NYC Popfest then you already know how utterly fantastic they are. Delicate could aptly describe both members' previous outings and it still fits like a glove here. Their four-song debut EP Change feels as much like the soundtrack to squinty Summer afternoon as it does a winter spent inside, gazing out a frosted window. The guitar and keys fall like snowflakes, but Kristine's voice, cloaked in reverb, falls even softer; like dust caught in a sunbeam. Opener "Your Love" and "So Sad To Say Goodbye" (with its great New Order-y bassline!) are personal highlights, but all four songs are gems, really. Have a listen and pick up the EP from brand new label Little Treasure! It's limited to just 125 copies so go go go!

[MP3]: Tiny Fireflies "So Sad To Say Goodbye" (Very Recommended!)

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Friday, July 22, 2011

New Pocketbooks single!

Pocketbooks have just released a brand new single from their upcoming sophomore album 'Carousel'. "Promises, Promises" is a blast of summer with it's shimmering strings, lush harmonies, and just a touch of sadness. It makes me feel the way I do on those days where I keep Belle and Sebastian's "Dirty Dream Number Two" on repeat. It's a good feeling and since I first heard them, Pocketbooks have always found a way to bring it out! Have a listen! If you're in love then head over to Odd Box Records and preorder your copy of the new record! It won't be out until September, but you're going to want to get on it now, I assure you.

[MP3]: Pocketbooks "Promises, Promises" (Highly Rec'd!)

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